Tony Meatball and Dining Room Tables

Tony Meatball and Dining Room Tables - Dine

DineMangia Mangia…. Big tables, Big people, Big food equals great memories. When I saw this picture that my high school friend posted, it brought back my childhood. I could smell my grandmother’s gravy (sauce), as the real Italians call it., simmering in a big pot on her stove.

 She lived in the Bronx in a beautiful old building. The family would gather in her tiny apt. The dining table would come out and take up the entire space. If one had to get up, either you crawled under the table to get to the other side, or an entire row of people had to move. It was wonderful. The food never stopped.

Dine2When I design custom dining tables for clients, I go as big as the space allows. A dining table is more than a piece of furniture. It brings people together under neutral ground. It creates an environment where tough conversations can be had, important topics can be discussed, strangers and new members of the family can be brought together. Stir up the gravy, rip up the bread, give it a good dunk and enjoy! This custom table is from Uhuru in Brooklyn.

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 – Deborah Rosenberg

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