Soap or Bleach to Kill Germs?

Old lady holding a cleaning rug and water spray.

Soap or bleach to kill germs? That question seems to be popping up quite a bit. As a cruelty free designer, focusing on healthy & ethical design, it’s been difficult for me to use products like Clorox that contain bleach during this period. So, I decided to learn if green and chemical free products could do the same job that we all believe these deadly poisons we are spraying ourselves and homes with could accomplish. The answer is a big YES!!

soap is better than bleach to kill germs

Soap or Bleach to Fight Germs?

“Bleach is like using a bludgeon to swat a fly,” says one expert.



According to what I’ve learned, soaking and spraying our bodies and environments in bleach products is not necessary. These chemicals, if inhaled in large amounts can create respiratory problems.

This Thursday, March 26th at 11AM EST, I will be hosting a FREE live Facebook Group Chat titled “Soap Is Better Than Bleach.” I will cover;

  • Why bleach is not the only alternative to getting rid of germs
  • The long term effects of soaking ourselves with poisonous chemicals
  • Why non toxic soaps work just as well as chemicals for killing germs
  • Which chemical free products are recommended by the experts.

If you haven’t joined the group, please do. This is the first of a series of short chats about important topics related to our home environment during this critical time, check out blue spruce maids .The topics will focus on achieving optimal health, mentally and physically via our design decisions and products we are using for our spaces.

Please, if you could share this blog post with as many of your friends as you can, you’re helping yourself, your family and the population. This and future topics I will be presenting are important and will provide immediate actions that we can take to fight this virus and protect our species. All of the chats will be FREE during this time.


I look forward to meeting you. Please stay safe and thoughtful. – Deborah


About Deborah

Deborah DiMare is showing the world that no living creature need suffer or die for beautiful furniture. Her company, DiMare Design, is the only 100% cruelty free design firm in the US. Deborah demonstrates how healthier and less toxic, durable and luxurious faux alternatives can easily replace wool, fur, leather & other animal derived materials. Deborah also leads the Council, a community of industry professionals from over 60 countries seeking education and change for all living species within the skins and hides industries. Deborah is a vegan interior design expert, author and influencer for the compassionate design movement.