Cruelty-Free Cribs Final _Artboard 2

Cruelty-Free Cribs takes the hassle out of the buying process. We put together looks FOR you full of goodies that are always 100% vegan & cruelty-free (duh). Furniture & decor that saves all species. Compassion meets chic, affordable & healthy design.

Dorm Get the Look Cat

Bohemian White Dorm

A message from Chloe the Cat: Decorating your dorm room doesn’t have to be intimidating, we’ve got your back!

Panda with Heart

Bright Girly Dorm

A message from Parker the Panda: Your dorm room should be a place where you can study AND have fun!

Koala with Heart

Dreamy White Bedroom

A message from Kade the Koala: Buckwheat pillows are in, down feather pillows are out. Feathers are cruel – buckwheat is cool!

400x400 Nursery Pic

Gender Neutral Nursery

A message from Rosy the Rabbit: Children are sensitive little bundles of joy, give them a space that keeps them happy & healthy!

Corgi with Heart

Fresh Peachy Bedroom

A message from Carl the Corgi: Silk pillows aren’t worth the hype. Choose the cruelty-free alternative instead!

Hotel Room With Fox

London Hotel Suite

A message from Faith the Fox: Earth tones are calm & cozy. We’re making it possible to recreate this look in your very own home!