Sensory-Inspired Holiday Design Ideas…What Makes a House a Home?


DiMare_Design_Ddigz_holidays_happyI’ve been designing interior spaces for many years. However, I still love the feeling of excitement upon entering a new home, especially during the holiday season! The colors, textures, sounds and scents immediately tell me a story about its owners. Is it about a lively, busy family and their children, a Zen-like retreat, a romantic getaway? Or all of the above?

Festive domesSo how do you create your own story for the holidays? Just as we can transform the  way we feel by wearing different clothes, our homes also have the ability to wear “different hats.” Address the following in each detail that you create:

The Senses – Consider color, texture and scent, It should not only look pretty, but it must excite the senses! Give off that holiday vibe. 

Culture – America is a melting pot, we are a mix of various cultures. Bring a bit of your culture and travels into the holiday decor.

Nature – We are surrounded by beautiful greenery and nature anywhere we live. Bringing the elements of the nature surrounding you and sun into your space sets it apart from your pied-à-terre in Paris.

Tell a Story – If you can look at your decorative touches when done and “see” your story, you’ve earned an A+.

For example: You just returned from Morocco with a colorful silk scarf. Drape it over your entry piece console and top it with a clear vase filled with palm fronds and sand for a unique, lovely entry details to your home. There’s a story!

Fill your great grandmother’s glass bowl with some tree ornaments, pine cones or pine tree branches. Guests can admire the color and scent, and be intrigued to hear the story of your great grandmother!

It’s fun, use your imagination to create conversation pieces and a warm happy home…

For great ideas on decorating for the Holidays go here.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

-Deborah Rosenberg

Deborah rosenberg

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Deborah DiMare is a PETA advocate, was a featured interior designer on TLC, has appeared on NBC’s 'The Today Show' and continually lectures and writes articles on Humane and Sensory Design.

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