Interview: Safe Healthy Home Fabrics

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Safe Healthy Home Fabrics. We all want to be happy, healthy & strong. We do our best to eat the right foods and exercise. But many of us are completely in the dark about how our environment can make us sick. Cancer, infertility, neurological issues are just a few of the illnesses that continual contact with chemicals can cause. It’s incredibly frightening to know that we, unknowingly are buying furniture, sheets and fabrics for our homes and work areas that are harming ourselves, our babies and our families. Watch this interview with leading textile expert Patty Grossman. She and I covered how to choose Safe Healthy Home Fabrics. We also cover many other important topics;




What Is Organic Really?

  • Why the term “organic”  is misleading. Example, organic applesauce can start with organic apples. But if you add red dye #2, preservatives etc. it ain’t organic.
  • What makes a fabric organic?

Formaldehyde in My Sheets?

  • What deadly chemicals are used in sheets, blankets, sofa and chair fabrics. Hint, Formaldehyde is one of them!  How do these deadly toxins affect our health, especially the delicate populations such as;  babies, children and pregnant women.
  • How to dissect misleading labels to keep you, your clients & your family healthy & ethical. An ingredient might be fairly safe.
    However, it might also be at the cost of destroying our planet, workers & animals. Eventually that destruction circles back directly to us and affects our health.

Can a Vegan Fabric be Durable & Non Toxic?

  • Is it possible to find non animal based (vegan), non toxic AND durable fabrics?
  • What is viscose and why is it the future? Viscose is an ingredient that almost all fabrics contain. Their is a “healthy” viscose and a dangerous viscose. Petroleum viscose is extremely toxic and found in tons of fabrics. It’s cheaper to manufacture than cellulose viscose which is made from plants. Learn how to read labels so you know what you’re getting.


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About Deborah

Deborah DiMare is showing the world that no living creature need suffer or die for beautiful furniture. Her company, DiMare Design, is the only 100% cruelty free design firm in the US. Deborah demonstrates how healthier and less toxic, durable and luxurious faux alternatives can easily replace wool, fur, leather & other animal derived materials. Deborah also leads the Council, a community of industry professionals from over 60 countries seeking education and change for all living species within the skins and hides industries. Deborah is a vegan interior design expert, author and influencer for the compassionate design movement.