Safe & Conscious Nursery Design 101

This is a picture of a safe, cruelty-free nursery and kids room design.

Safe & Conscious Nursery Design 101. We are so happy and excited to be releasing our online course “Vegan & Safe Babies & Kids Room Design,” just in time for the holidays.

Safe & Conscious Nursery Design 101

Become Your Own Healthy & Cruelty Free Design Expert

The creation of this course was an extremely passionate project of ours. As a mother and a designer, it was very important to convey to other parents and caregivers that the choices you make in a child’s space will 100% affect their development. 

Vegan & Safe Babies & Kids Room Design is under two hours, easy to follow & teaches you, with my guidance and those of experts in their field, how to design nurseries & kids rooms for optimal physical & mental development. And of course how to decorate them beautifully. 🌷

When I became a cruelty free designer, I did it initially for my love of animals.

However I quickly realized it was about health as much as ethics.

The Hidden Dangers In Children’s Furniture & Decor

The chemicals and poisons that lie within our furniture, mattresses and decor is frightening. Just because a product says “organic,” doesn’t mean it’s healthy. A friend of mine put it this way. Let’s say you buy an apple that was grown organically and pesticide free. However, it was then dipped in toxic red dye in order for it to look as perfect as the apple the witch gave to Snow White to bite into.  is it still organic? This example holds true for furniture  and decor. We, the consumer, are incredibly misled.

But there are great options. You just need the power of education to make the right choices to keep your children safe and in environments that are free from tragedy , despair and only full of positive energy. Cause folks, energy is real.

Do you want your children to be happy, healthy & strong mentally and physically? I believe most of us would say “yes.” Then isn’t it worth it to take two hours out of your lives to provide your precious babies with safe and positive surroundings?

The gift of education is powerful and lasts a lifetime. To find out more about the course, please CLICK HERE.  Don’t forget to use code 25OFF for $25 off til Dec 31st.


Wishing you all a happy, safe & healthy year ahead.
Deborah 🎄🤶





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