Does Plain Soap Kills Viruses

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I am not comfortable using Clorox or Lysol or any other strong, toxic chemicals for killing viral germs. So I delved in to learning if basic soaps could be a match for the power of chemicals when killing viruses. Does Plain Soap Kills Viruses? Please watch the video to listen and learn what I discovered about gentler cleaners and their strength in killing viruses.

As one scientist quoted, “using bleach on surfaces “is like using a bludgeon to swat a fly,” Its like a molecular garden shear, chopping everything up.

Please click on video below to learn more. Does Plain Soap Kills Viruses


Soap That Kills Viruses


As a cruelty-free designer, focusing on healthy & ethical design, it’s very difficult for me to use products like Clorox that contain chlorine bleach.  So, I researched to see if green and chemical-free products could do the same job. However, most of us believe these deadly poisons we are spraying ourselves and homes with are stronger. But guess what? To sum up, soap is just as good! Plain soap does kill viruses.

My criteria of a perfect cleaning product are one that is non animal-based, vegan and cruelty-free.  I won’t use products that are tested on animals, see cheap move-out cleaning. Plus they must be non-toxic. Above all, we don’t want to harm living beings and the planet.

According to what I’ve learned, soaking and spraying our bodies and environments in bleach products is not necessary to kill viruses.

Our Skin

Our skin is porous. It’s like a sponge and whatever we surround ourselves with and spray on us goes directly into our bloodstream and affects us physically and mentally. Chemicals make you sick; they’re hormone disruptors, cause infertility, cancer, asthma allergies, neurological issues. I could go on and on. They’re bad.

We humans like to be clean. We’ve been making cleaning products for 5000 years. How crazy is that? For instance, the ancient Egyptians used animal and vegetable oils mixed w alkaline salts to make soap, find house cleaning in Katy TX.

Therefore,  if they Egyptians could do it 5000 years ago without Lysol at their fingertips, I think we can figure it out too.


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