Today, most materials and furniture are loaded with pollutants that affect our health and quality of life dramatically. We are highly experienced in creating healthy, optimal spaces by sourcing textiles and furniture that carry zero to low toxins and are nonanimal based. Our founder Deborah DiMare is a leading expert in wellness/sensory environments, cruelty-free design, and sustainable sourcing and offers these services to clients seeking ethical, non-toxic materials, and furniture. The cruelty-free design honors all living species, humans and non and respects our planet.


“Deborah and her team were fabulous to work with; we purchased an older, large condo, and renovated literally everything. Deborah was there every step of the way, guiding us while not imposing only her ideas, She’s creative, skilled and knowledgeable , but most importantly, she listens to what the clients have to say. She stayed in constant communication with us whether by telephone or Email, so we never felt lost. We love our home and can’t recommend her highly enough!”

-Olivia Halley