As an avid animal lover, Deborah focuses on humane (cruelty free) furnishings. Her design philosophy begins from a place of compassion. DiMare Design does not create spaces with fabrics or furnishings that originated from living creatures. Luxury faux fabrics and sustainable materials replace the animal skins, furs and feathers traditionally used in luxury residential and commercial interior design. Vegan design is spiritually and physically positive since none of the décor is a result of cruelty or death.

“It’s a win-win all the way around. Vegan furnishings are ultra-fabulous, less expensive and save animals.”

The vegan glam revolution has begun…


I think you’ve given people the opportunity to think about something they might not have turned their attention to otherwise. We all have SO many choices in our lives (and in our homes) each and every day to be kind, to make a difference, to never be silent, to opt for compassion, to ‘be the change’. When our eyes are open, the possibilities are endless.

-Chris Leible