Natural Alternative To Scotchgard

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Natural Alternative To Scotchgard. I try my best to eliminate fabrics and furniture with chemicals. Our skin absorbs everything. Stain protectors like Scotchgard are very dangerous.  Stain repellants contain major lethal chemicals that can cause cancer, infertility, hormonal imbalances and can weaken the immune system. That’s just a few of the illnesses and sicknesses that fabric protectors can cause.

Alas, my never ending search for a stain guard that is non toxic, safe, eco-friendly and organic is over! It’s been a long journey. Here is my dramatic (yes – for me it was dramatic) review of a Natural Alternative To Scotchgard.



There was  a global health alert about Scotchgard’s main ingredient, PFAS and the toxicity of this chemical. PFAS, in simple terms, are man made chemicals that are highly toxic and in everything, even our drinking water. A worldwide study found that the only human samples in which there was no PFAS was in Korean war soldiers, gathered before Scotchgard was invented. I know. So random. But true.


So I asked VeganDesign.Org member Patty Grossman of  Two Sisters Ecotextiles, if she knows of any non -toxic non animal based fabric protector on the market. Patty is our guru of fabrics. We should have asked her months ago when we began our search. However, water under the bridge! We were desperate to find a healthy fabric protector because we do our best to only promote non toxic fabrics that are cruelty free (vegan) and healthy.

The downside of “clean” fabrics is that many of them are not as durable.  They are not treated and soaked in lethal stain protector poisons. So, they can be more susceptible to staining. The upside is – they are not treated and soaked in lethal poisons! So your couch might be a bit more delicate. But hey, you’ll be around alot longer to complain about it since you won’t be surrounding yourself with chemicals. Chemicals that are so dangerous and toxic, one can barely pronounce many of their names

design consult by phone!Back to Patty Grossman.  Patty said she heard of a new product called Nano4Life. She hadn’t yet tried it. But she heard about it. So I ordered it. If this product worked, without exaggeration, would be a game changer for us. Cause now designing spaces with healthy, non toxic and cruelty free fabrics and decor wouldn’t be hindered by durability. Nothing on the market had worked prior. So we were super excited to find out if it was a great product.


Nano4Life works with Nanotechnology. This alternative technology uses  silicon dioxide which is a natural substance that is harmless. Nanotechnology increases the performance of a fabric protector without the harmful effects on our bodies and the environment. Because  when you use these products you’re not only harming yourself, your family, your friends and coworkers, but all living beings. The poisons in these products can make your pets sick, kill wildlife and destroy the planet. Yes, it’s that intense.

Humane & Healthy Facebook Group

Humane & Healthy Facebook Group

So, please, check out the video and it would be greatly appreciated that if you do decide to buy Nano4Life, to let us know if you like the product as much as we do. Or if you have another product you’d like to recommend, please let us know. We are really happy that we found a Natural Alternative To Scotchgard. As we say, it takes a village to make change. We love all living beings, human and non.  Beautiful design should be free from tragedy and despair. Thanks so much. – Deborah 🌺



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