Moving Your Dog: Tips to Ease Your Fears

Moving to a new home can be a big change, and no one notices that more than your dog. Dogs can be so sensitive to new routines and environments, so it’s understandable that a new house could make them a little nervous. If you are a pet parent who is worried about how your pup will settle into a new environment, you’re probably looking for ways to ease the transition. Here are some words of encouragement and advice for you and your dog.


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Adjustment May Take Some Time

As you move into a new home, you may notice some unusual behavior from your dog at first. Your pup may pace around, whine, or have a hard time settling down and resting, but don’t be alarmed. Your pup can easily get overwhelmed or overexcited with the “wow” of their new digs. With all of the new smells, sounds, and neighborhood cats to keep track of, it’s normal for them to act a little off during their first days. If, however, your dog’s behavior continues or escalates into destroying items around the house, it may be time to check in with a trainer or figure out some new tricks to help calm your pup down.  

Keeping Your Dog Safe Is Important

Moving into a new place can be an exciting adventure, and you wouldn’t want any mishaps to take away from that. If your dog is a bit nervous in the new home, he may be more likely to run away and get lost, but you can take steps to prevent this. Keeping your dog on a leash whenever you venture outside together, no matter how well trained your pup may be, is a wise move. All it takes is one stray squirrel or loud noise to spook him into making a run for it. For even more security, think about adding a fence to your backyard so your dog can enjoy time outside off leash. It costs an average of $1,476 to $3,397 to install or build a fence in Miami, and the peace of mind is well worth the investment.

Find New Ways to Calm Your Dog

With a new neighborhood comes new sights and sounds, and dogs can be especially sensitive to noises. Some dogs may react to new neighbors dropping by or strangers being in your home. Especially if you are working with movers or contractors. Know your dog’s limits and put him in a closed-off room if needed during these stressful times. It may also be a good idea to play some music or background noise to help your dog feel safe. Wondering what to play? Some studies suggest that the key to getting your dog to relax may be a little reggae or soft rock.

Keeping your Dog Safe when Moving

Preparing Your Dog For A Move

It’s easier than you think to ease your dog into a new home. Your dog looks to you for protection and guidance, do your best to remain calm and composed. Put yourself in your dogs paws and adjust as need to help your dog feel safe and secure. This will help to reduce your stress levels while moving. Remember, preparing for a move with your pup doesn’t have to be a burden for either of you.


Editor’s Note:
This article was originally published on May 23rd, 2019 and has been updated on February 1st, 2020.


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