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bathubBathtubs have become a strong design element in a space. Gone are the days of a simple scrub in the tub.

When was the last time you took a lingering bath? Carving out 30 minutes to soak our bodies in a relaxing environment seems nearly impossible these days. Here’s a crazy thought… YOU DESERVE IT!!! Your kids are driving you crazy? Your husband is annoying you? You’re depressed because you don’t have a husband to annoy you? Give yourself a free pass to tell everyone and everything to go bye-bye while you take an ion filled, positive, sensory enriched bath.

bathtub2Since we’re going all out, you might as well consider this bathtub by MTI ( It’s a sensory bath experience on steroids. It’s a Jacuzzi tub with LED lighting that changes color according to his or majesty’s mood. Not too shabby. It costs a little more than you might or might not imagine. But, hey, as I mentioned earlier, YOU DESERVE IT! Also great for anyone with sensory challenges, which, by the way, is 1 in 5 people in this country. Home and Stone in Brooklyn, NY sells the tub. Ask for Stu. He’s da man.

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– Deborah Rosenberg

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Deborah DiMare is a PETA advocate, was a featured interior designer on TLC, has appeared on NBC’s 'The Today Show' and continually lectures and writes articles on Humane and Sensory Design.

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