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Whether you call it your crib, casa, or home – we believe all living & working spaces should be filled with chic, ethical & healthy decor!

Cruelty-Free Casa puts together looks FOR you that promote physical & mental wellbeing and there’s no need to sacrifice style for a small budget or accessibility – around here, they’re just a few clicks away! You’re welcome 😉

You can shop the look, browse our shop AND if you choose, even sign up for a virtual design consultation?! Yup, you heard us right, all that, right here in one spot for your convenience 🙂

400x400 Nursery Pic

Neutral Nursery A message from Rosy the Rabbit: As a baby’s body & mind grow, it’s important to recognize how colors, sounds, surfaces & scents affect their development & behavior. Shop this look AND learn a little something along the way!

Sustainable interior design bedroom

Non-Toxic Nursery A message from Susie the sheep: Ditch the chemical-based products, opt for non-toxic & cruelty-free alternatives!

This is a picture of a sustainable interior design bedroom.

Actor Shay Mitchell’s Home Nursery A message from Louise the Lamb: blush pink in the color of love, innocence and love!

This is a picture of a humane design room in pastel color.

Pastel Oasis A message from Clara the Cat: pastel colors are youthful and bring joy, optimism and lightness to a space!

This is a picture of a nursery bedroom.

Animal Lover Nursery Look A nursery filled with cute, baby animals to remind you & your child that animals deserve our kindness & respect!

This is a picture of a nursery design room.

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