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Duggar-Family-in-front-of-Arkansas-houseI’m often asked how to please everyone in shared spaces, especially kids.

I had the privilege of designing a home in Arkansas for an extremely large family.  You might have heard of them.  Their name is “Duggar,” Jim Bob and Michelle Dugger from Fayetville, Arkansas. They are celebs in their own right. They’ve had a show on TLC for many years and I was the host/designer of “16 and counting.” It was a memorable and invaluable experience.

I had to be extremely efficient with my space planning, furniture selections and budget, while making a very large family happy with the results.  They are a very close, loving group and the kids all wanted to sleep in the same room.  So, we created two “wings” to the house, a boys and a girls.

I got the kids involved in the creative process. We had an official meeting with notes and dialogue.  By doing that, it gave them a feeling of control and confidence and it was a lot of fun.  Most importantly, all 16 kids were “heard.”  Isn’t that what all of us want anyway? Kids are the same.  They want to know that their opinion counts.  I think that kids and adults lose their temper and self-control over the frustration of feeling invisible.

 So, although I wasn’t able to include everything on the Duggar’s kids wish list, I made sure to include what seemed the most important to them.  I listened.

 -Deborah Rosenberg

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