How Do I Decorate My Small Space

Decorating a small space can seem a bit daunting. Living in tight quarters means paring down and becoming more innovative with design solutions. Let’s explore some options that will make tiny living effortless and enjoyable.

First, and most important, is storage solutions. One creative solution is to incorporate multi-use seating. This means using something such as bench seating in either a living space or around the dining table where you can stow away anything from cookbooks, to cleaning supplies, or shoes. Another option is to repurpose old furniture and give it new life. Say you have an old china cabinet or media center that you simply cannot part with, you can easily turn them into miniature pantries or even a place to keep folded clothing.

Second, is learning the art of being bold in a way that doesn’t overwhelm or overcrowd. Showcase your individuality with bold colors, fun carpets that define spaces, or with vibrant plants on any window sill. By incorporating details such as these, a small space can feel more lively, airy, and playful. When done with strategic intentions, these elements will be tasteful and simple. Just because you’re living small doesn’t mean you have to avoid daring design choices. Visit us at Manifesto Times Table Tricks

Vegan design is an essential element of any small space. Vegan design doesn’t use any furniture or décor that is animal based they use designs like those available at New Home Designs. It’s humane, affordable, environmental and healthy.  Check this link if you are looking for Louisville, KY house cleaning. There are less toxins and poisons than animal textiles such as leather, wool, silk, down and fur contain. Did you see which is best for home projects?

Choosing vegan products for a small space will create a clean and safe environment in which your energy can be focused on that which brings you the most joy. Small spaces cater to a minimal lifestyle, so each piece you bring into the space must hold some form of significance or meaning…And nothing can bring more joy than knowing your home goods aren’t the result of the death or suffering of any animal.

Storage is key in small spaces. Check out this reclaimed, rustic sideboard:For a bold, space-defining carpet choice, check out this colorful vegan option:

Or, consider this modern, geometric humane option:


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