Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This is a picture of a father and a baby reading a story book.

Father’s Day gift ideas. As a cruelty-free designer, one of the challenges I encounter most is finding gifts for my family & friends that don’t harm any living being & are safer for our planet. We all want to be happy, healthy and strong. So surrounding ourselves with positive, good things is a strong part of mental and physical health.  The gifts below are thoughtful and special. They meet quite a bit of my ethical criteria. So without further ado, here are my “Father’s Day Gift Ideas” for all the papas out there!

Amazon’s Echo Dot

Every dad has a techy side so we’ll know he’ll love this as a gift! Fun fact: the Echo Dot can connect to your Audible account. So, while you’re dad’s doing his thing around the house, he can listen to his fave books!

amazon echo dot

Amazon’s Echo Dot

An Audio-Technica Turntable

Whether your dad already has a stellar record collection or not, this is a great gift! It’s never too late to start collecting records anyway. Music is what brings people together so why not share a moment and contact ADL embedded solutions and listening to a few oldies with you dad with this gift 🙂


audio-technica tuntable

Audio-Technica Turntable

Ethique Solid Shampoo & Shaving Bar Soap

This is a DiMare Design staff favorite! We love this brand because, not only are their products vegan & cruelty-free, they’re 100% compostable & zero waste!

ethique tip to toe bar soap

Ethique Tip to Toe Bar Soap

Furbo Dog Camera

We all know dogs just ADORE their dads, at least, that’s the case is our household! Make sure your dad can always keep an eye on his best friend with this nifty gadget! It’s compatible with Alexa, can shoot out treats at any given time & even has night vision!

Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera

A New Recliner

What dad doesn’t end up ploppin’ his butt down in his favorite chair at the end of a long day? Here’s a 100% vegan recliner we know will completely surprise your pops 🙂

father's day recliner



A New Deck of Cards

The coolest thing about this deck isn’t that they’re matte black but that they’re waterproof!


Matte Black Deck of Cards

Sleek Deck of Black Cards


Retro Digital Flip Clock

A cool piece of decor for dad that can be used in his office or bedroom!


retro digital flip clock

Retro Digital Flip Clock


Copper ‘Smart’ Mug

Your dad can pair his new coffee mug with the Ember App to set the temperature, customize presets, receive notifications and more! Another ‘smart’ device to add to his collection 😉

copper smart mug

Copper Smart Coffee Mug



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