Fake V Real Leather Get 10 Facts

This is a picture of a vegan leather sofa.

Fake V Real Leather Get 10 Facts. Many of us, including myself, were lead to believe that leather equates to luxury. That the softness and “leather” smell ultra chic? Well, I’m here to tell you 10 things you didn’t know about that leather chair or couch you might be sitting on right now that might make you think about leather alternatives in a whole new way. Fake V Real Leather Get 10 Facts.


  • Leather doesn’t only originate from cows. Leather can be made from dogs, cats, seals and anything with a skin. The term “dog leather” is now being heard more often.
  • Yes, dog leather exists. China is the leading exporter of leather and dog skin is exported as leather.
  • It takes about 8 cows horrifically slaughtered to make the average sofa. It is pretty much impossible to produce mass quantities of anything animal derived humanely. 
  • Leather has always been marketed as a byproduct of the meat industry, meaning, we eat the meat of the cow, so we might as well use their skins.. Well, the truth is that meat is also a byproduct of the leather industry. The skins hold much more value than the meat. So cows are bred for their skins as much as they are bred for their meat.
  • The workers who are desperate for money to feed themselves and their families are also treated inhumanely. There is very little regulation in the skins industry since most of the industry farms and slaughterhouses are in poor countries. 
  • The average tannery worker (those that treat the skins with chemicals) dies at the age of 50 from working in such unsafe, toxic conditions.

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  • Leather is not healthy. It’s soaked in hundreds, yes, hundreds of poisons. These poisons seep in to our porous skin which can trigger illness or aggravate existing sicknesses.
  • There is new technology http://currysupply.com/ on the horizon producing  faux leathers that are derived from fruits and vegetables such as pineapples and mushrooms. you can’t eat them though!
  • There are endless options for amazing leather alternatives that are less toxic than real leather, durable, affordable, luxurious and compassionate. They don’t harm people, animals or the planet. 

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