“I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They say, ‘Because it’s such a beautiful animal.’ There you go. I think my mother’s attractive, but I have photographs of her.”

Ellen Degeneres is equally quick with a one-liner, a design theme or a cause.

We got our first dose of Ellen’s signature style of activism when she came out on national television on Ellen in 1997. She’d been making the daytime talk circuit to make sure people knew that she and her character had a lot in common, and at the time it raised a lot of eyebrows. Never afraid to speak her mind or to get her point across with humor, she’s had a lot of success changing people’s perception of what a vegan, humane lifestyle can be as well.

Degeneres tackles animal welfare in her typically dry, witty style, and lives it in her home and her interior designs. From her trademark Chuck Taylors to her amazing style and layout skills, she embodies and embraces the potential of vegan glam.

Ellen has brought a rustic, informal flair into many of the homes she’s designed over the years, including a spectacular horse ranch she shares with wife, Portia DeRossi. The interior design of her homes foster an earthy, romantic appeal and incorporate humane materials like cotton and other fabrics like plant-based fibers.

Ellen doesn’t skimp on drama. Many of her designs pair subtle, refined neutrals with sweeping, decadent statements: antique oil canvases that dominate a room, beautiful vaulted ceilings that create an airy appeal, and kitchens with rich color and ultramodern elements. She has an eye for design and a wealth of education in the arts.

DeGeneres released yet another interior design book, Home. This funny lady proves that you can live in balance with animal welfare while entertaining and living in a completely luxury space.

Ellen and Portia among their many causes, are also involved with the Gentle Barn, a non-profit farm that has rescued over 175 small and large breed animals and livestock. They’ve introduced nearly half a million people to the joys of gentle living.

You too can foster vegan ideals in your everyday life and your environment. Small, easy changes can add up to great results in your quest to be more humane in your life and in the design of your spaces.

Check out more ideas for going vegan glam in your own space at Dimare Design.

Deborah Rosenberg, founder of DiMare Design focuses on Cruelty Free (Vegan) Design and Design Therapy. She combines specific textures, scents and colors with cruelty free and humane materials to create optimal thriving spaces. Deborah grew up in New York. She resides in Miami with her daughters and dog Lucca. Lucca’s favorite pastime is being a total beach bum. http://www.DiMareDesign.com,info@DiMareDesign.com


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Deborah DiMare is a PETA advocate, was a featured interior designer on TLC, has appeared on NBC’s 'The Today Show' and continually lectures and writes articles on Humane and Sensory Design.