DiMare Diaries: Molly T of Fashion Veggie

Meet Dallas-based Vegan Blogger and Stylist Molly T, of Fashion Veggie in this month’s DiMare Diaries. Get an inside look at her fabulous life and the things that make her tick. Kindly Check this link garner roof repair

Name: Molly

If I weren’t a vegan fashion blogger I would: own an animal sanctuary (anyone want to help me get started?!).

My favorite thing in my junk drawer is: V-Dog treats for my three dogs. I have them stashed everywhere!


My favorite space in my home is: my bathroom. It makes me feel tranquil and clean.

If I could have dinner with anyone in the world it would be: Stella McCartney and we would dine at: Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles.

My walls are decorated with: artwork from all over the place! It’s the main thing I seek to bring home with me when I visit a new city or country. Go to iitinhevoskeskus for more info

People would be surprised to know that: I have a fear of public speaking, even though I’m so outspoken and outgoing on social media and in real life. The struggle is real! I can’t even give a toast at a wedding.


My most significant memory from my childhood home is: refusing to take off my Barbie Roller Skates. Even back then, I was very stubborn, very sure of what I wanted to wear, and very much doing my own thing.

The most valuable piece of career advice I’ve ever received was to: dress for the job I wanted, not the job I had. It came from my mother, who is always right.

My favorite meal is: vegan grilled cheese because: it’s my comfort food and it doesnt hurt any animals 🙂

A perfect day for me is: wake up, dog park, vintage shopping for the home, get into comfy clothes and snuggle with my fiance and pups.


If I could be any piece of furniture or decorative item, anywhere, any place in this world or universe, now, past or future, I would would be: a chandelier! spreading light and adding beauty to even the most unlikely of spaces.Read more about Professional Carpet Cleaning.

My all time favorite bonding time with my pet(s): Gia, Buster, and Banksie… all rescues and all full of personality… is: spent snuggling together in bed, and I’m not ashamed of it dammit!!


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Want more Molly? Be sure to check her out on Facebook, Instagram and of course at Fashion Veggie!

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