DiMare Diaries: Maria Tettamanti a.k.a. The Wordy Girl


Check out Maria Andy Tettamanti, the founder of The Wordy Girl, named #1 Miami Fashion blog of 2015, in June’s “DiMare Diaries.” The Wordy Girl has been featured live on the Today Show, Sirius XM Radio and has been featured in ELLE magazine. Maria shares a few personal insights with us.

1. Where is your favorite space in your home? Why?

Definitely my daughter’s room. The walls are painted pink and white cabana stripes and a turquoise colored dresser makes the room pop. It’s a really cozy spot. 

2. What decorates your walls?

We collect art during our travels from places such as Greece, Argentina, Dominican Republic and more. I also have a vast cross collection in my kitchen.

3. What would people be surprised to find out about you?

I have really vivid dreams and sometimes they predict the future. #ClosetPsychic 

4.  What is a significant memory from your childhood home?

My mother is an excellent Greek cook so many memories are of us cooking in our kitchen in Cape May, New Jersey.

5. What’s the most valuable piece of career advice you’ve ever received? Who did it come from?

My dad once told me, “You’ve got to work on your own — by yourself. Otherwise, you’re putting money in someone else’s pocket.” And he’s right. Once I delved into freelance writing, I made more money and on my own terms. 


6.  Where do you go to be inspired?

I read a lot of books (New York Times best sellers and classics) and magazines from Vogue to The Harvard Business Review. Last month, I was actually in a creative rut, so I hosted a Facebook Live chat last week where I interacted with my blog readers and it really got my creative juices flowing again! 

7. What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

A poached egg. B-O-R-I-N-G. I live a low-carb life style, but it’s changed my body for the better. 

8. Who is your role model and why?

My parents. They came to America from Greece with nothing and have created a lucrative real estate and hotel business. They taught me that anything is possible and they are the very definition of the American Dream. And true grit. 

9. What would we be surprised to find in your junk drawer?

Aquaphor. I have it hidden in every crevice of my home. It’s a cure all! 

10. What do you wish you had known when you were just starting your career?

Ask! Ask for more money! Ask for the corner office! Ask for help! Ask for more work! Ask for less work! Ask away. No one is going to blindly give you anything in this life. You have to work hard and ASK questions. 


Keep up with Maria via The Wordy Girl or  Instagram

Deborah Rosenberg, is a leader in Cruelty Free (Vegan) Design and Design Therapy. She is the founder of the ultra-luxury design firm DiMare Design. Her projects are national and global. She combines specific textures, scents and colors with vegan materials to create optimal thriving spaces. Deborah is an  animal rights advocate, has been a featured designer on TLC and has appeared on NBC’s The Today Show. She lectures and writes articles on humane design and design therapy. Deborah grew up in New York. She resides in Miami with her daughters and dog Lucca.  Lucca’s favorite pastime is being a total beach bum. www.DiMareDesign.cominfo@DiMareDesign.com

Deborah rosenberg

About Deborah rosenberg

Deborah DiMare is a PETA advocate, was a featured interior designer on TLC, has appeared on NBC’s 'The Today Show' and continually lectures and writes articles on Humane and Sensory Design.