DiMare Diaries: Lynette Janac, CEO/Publisher, South Florida Luxury Guide


DiMare Diaries: Lynette Janac – To stay centered, what is one activity you do religiously daily or weekly? Lynette Janac (LJ): Count my blessings. In a world of constant go-go-go, I am extremely grateful that I have something to be busy about.

What are the sources of happiness in your home? LJ: Everything!  I love being home.  Home is my sanctuary.  A time for me to be with just me. Many hours a day are spent with people in various capacities.  When I walk through the threshold of my door, the phone is on silent and I am ready for “me time”.

What is your favorite room? LJ: Bedroom.  I love sleeping. I have the most amazingly comfortable bed with a beautiful view to wake up to.  Okay, my 2nd favorite is my balcony. For years I lived here without balcony furniture that I enjoyed and recently I changed that! Now I love being out there!

What are simple ways we can foster happiness in our lives? LJ: Giving back more often.  I truly believe that if people would give back more to those either less fortunate or in need, they would experience such joy and gratification in doing so.  I know it sounds cliché’ by giving is so much better than receiving – the rewards are priceless.

What is the one thing you cannot live without?  LJ: Friends and Family.  I come from very humble beginnings. I learned long ago that you can’t buy love or happiness and as long as I have those two things, than I can live without anything else and my friends and family are the ones who bring me this.

What decorates your walls? LJ: Sad to say, I don’t have a great collection of art.  This is something that is on my list of things to do….buy more art!  I am looking at a Peter Lik photograph.  I get lost in his work.

What is your greatest memory from your childhood home? LJ: Our Christmas Tree each year – my mother always made that day so special.

Is there something you still keep with you from childhood?  LJ: Again, coming from very little – the only thing I kept from my childhood was my loud belly laugh.

Where do you get away from peace in Miami? In the World? LJ: Spa’s, Spa’s and more spas.  It is the one place I can’t check my phone.  In the world, well I have to say the Amalfi Coast in Italy is one of my favorites!

What is one gem in Miami? (unique small business?) LJ: – I would love to know – so if someone can share, please tell.

What is your favorite hotel in Miami?  LJ: The Setai and Mandarin Oriental for ambiance; Fontainebleu for action – it honestly feels like its own city over there!

What is something you like to do on the weekend?  Relax. Get up slowly.  Pilates (love-hate) and spend time with friends.

What would people be surprised to find out about you?  I have a shy side.  Also, I was “Lynette the Bachelorette” on 97.3 the Coast’s radio show 14 years ago….which I know, sort of contradicts the first thing.

Karma Never Loses an Address

What is your motto?  LJ: Do unto others as you would want to be done to you.  I live by this – socially and professionally.   I strongly believe in karma.


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