DIMARE DIARIES: Aryan Rashed, co-owner, JetSet Pilates, South Florida


Aryan Rashed

To stay centered, what is one activity you do religiously daily or weekly? 

Aryan Rashed (AR): JetSet Pilates 3 times a week! It does wonders for the body, mind, and soul!

What are the sources of happiness in your home? 

AR: I love sitting on my balcony and checking out the serene blue of the ocean and green lush palm trees that define Miami’s aesthetic.

What is your favorite room?

AR: My kitchen. I love looking up new recipes,and i also love my dishwasher thanks to dishwasher repair for fixing mine in such a hurry. I am always creating variations of healthy recipes for post workouts. Breakfast is my biggest and most important meal – so the kitchen is usually a mess before 8am!

What decorates your walls?

AR: Books! I love political economy.

What is your greatest memory from your childhood home?

AR: Winters with the family. Though I love Miami, I do occasionally miss the winter season. Movies with family, snow days, Christmas lights (not on palm trees!), hot chocolate – all the fun stuff!

Is there something you still keep with you from childhood?

AR: My Michael Jackson tapes.

Where do you get away for peace in Miami? In the World?

AR: In Miami, I head over to the ocean – sunrise or sunset. If I can get out of town, I love the mountains – Colorado or Whistler.

What is one gem in Miami? 

AR: Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop..I’m a fitness addict with a sweet tooth!

What is your favorite hotel in Miami?

AR: Mandarin Oriental.

What is something you like to do on the weekend?

AR: Paddle boarding and 20/20 every Friday night to start off the weekend.

What would people be surprised to find out about you?

AR: I’m a lawyer.

What is your motto? 

AR: Create the best version of yourself!

What’s the most valuable piece of career advice you’ve ever received? Who did it come from?

AR: Work hard, be honest, take chances, and enjoy life! (Congressman McDade – my first boss).

Where do you go to be inspired?

AR: The hospital. I do a monthly adaptive workshop for people with paralysis. These are my strongest clients.

What do you wish you had known when you were just starting your career?

AR: Failure is part of the process and what you make out of it.

What’s your best tip for staying organized? Apps? Tools? To-do lists?

AR: I live off my Iphone Calendar, dropbox, and translucent folders from Staples!

What’s your process for weighing big decisions? How do you know if you’re making the right one?

AR: Meditate and try and make the best decisions based on the circumstances, but accept that mistakes are part of growth.

Do you regularly unplug from digital devices and media? If so, when, and what do you get out of this?

AR: 1-2x a year in the mountains, when my service goes dead!

What’s your favorite Instagram account and why?

AR: @RealGrumpyCat! He’s always so angry but he’s so adorable.

Who is your role model and why?

AR: My parents. They have the strongest work ethic of anyone I know.


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