Moving Your Dog: Tips to Ease Your Fears

Moving to a new home can be a big change, and no one notices that more than your dog. Dogs can be so sensitive to new routines and environments, so it’s understandable that a new house could make them a little nervous. If you are a pet parent who is worried about how your pup will settle into a new environment, you’re probably looking for ways to ease the transition. Here are some words of encouragement and advice for you and your dog.

Free Tips on How to Choose Outdoor Furniture

Free Tips on How to Choose Outdoor Furniture

⛱️Free Tips on How To Choose Outdoor Patio Furniture!

Outdoor patio furniture comes in all  budgets. But no matter how much or little you spend on patio furniture, make sure to mix and match pieces. One color and style is not only boring, but looks cheap.  Mix textures, colors and looks. Here’s a few tips on how to choose outdoor patio furniture. Check out my 60 second video below on how to “shake up” your outdoor look, all while keeping the compassion. 0% cruelty & 100% vegan. No need to harm any living being, human and non, including our planet for furniture.

Here are a few of my outdoor favorites;

  • This set is a great example of mixing wood and metal with the comfort of iron in this outdoor table and chair set by Christopher Knight.  0% cruelty & 100% vegan. No need to harm any living being, human and non, including our planet for furniture.
  • As many of you may be aware, I am obsessed with furniture that rocks and glides. This rustic rocking chair would look great in any outdoor space. Here’s an image of a custom 100% non toxic and cruelty free hanging chair we designed. It seats up to 3 people, 2 dogs, 4 puppies and 6 kittens.. give or take.
  • Ok, one more rocker! I can’t help myself. This one is a double rocker. It’s got enough room for you and someone or something (hint – fur babies) to cuddle with.

0% cruelty & 100% vegan. No need to harm any living being, human and non, including our planet for furniture. Hope you enjoy. Deborah. 💚


* Just a heads up: this page contains affiliate links (as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases)! If you buy something through one of these links, you won’t pay a penny more, but we’ll get a small commission, which helps keep our tummies full 🐶Thanks! 🙂

Your Mattress Is Making You & Your Family Sick!

How To Pick A Mattress!

Tips on what to look for when choosing a safe, healthy, non-toxic and ethical mattress for you and your family.

Most mattresses are loaded with chemicals. We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed and yet don’t put much thought into buying one of the most important items of our life and the lives of our family. You will be astounded at the shocking facts of the chemicals and poisons most mattresses on the market are soaked in. One of my daughters has terrible allergies and I am convinced her old mattress worsened her condition.

Take a few minutes to find out what to look for and what to avoid when choosing a mattress. it’s important that we choose a mattress that is safe, clean and ethical. So, Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind when looking to buy a mattress;

  • Our skin is porous, and dangerous chemicals can be absorbed into our bodies through our skin.
  • Stay away from Memory foam, which is so common now in pillows and cribs. Memory foam can contain a family of chemicals called isocyanates ( isos-io-nates) which can cause sicknesses like asthma and bronchitis
  • Stay away from animal-based mattresses meaning that they don’t contain wool. Go vegan in your mattress. Besides being a completely and horrifically unethical product, wool is soaked in dangerous chemicals including pesticides. Anything originating from an animal is going to be very toxic in order for the material not to disintegrate, get infested with bugs or rot since it was once part of a living creature. Think of our own skin, when we get a scab, it flakes off – it’s dead skin. Same with animal-based materials.
  • It’s proven that children, the elderly and pregnant women are more sensitive to chemical exposure.
  • Today, one in six kids in the US has a developmental or learning disability.1Some experts believe these issues may be due partly to early exposures to toxic chemicals in their environment, which for sure could be their bed. Check

                     How To Pick A Mattress. Click on Video Below


* Just a heads up: this page contains affiliate links (as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases)! If you buy something through one of these links, you won’t pay a penny more, but we’ll get a small commission, which helps keep our tummies full 🐶Thanks! 🙂

10 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Home Cruelty Free

Cruelty-Free Entrance Summer Estate

There’s a difference between feeling as though you are in a house that you love and being home. A home is a place that conveys who you are, where you can be surrounded by the things that make you feel comfortable. It’s your escape at the end of a hard day where you can hide from the world. In this blog we discuss about how to decorate your home in a cruelty free style.

While there are plenty of interior design trends that can make your house look like it’s straight out of a magazine, it takes something special to make a home. Here are some unique design elements to create your personal space.

Custom Art

Art prints have a time and a place. You can purchase recreations of your favorite paintings and find joy. You can pick up discount pieces from the department store to bring a room to life. Gallery walls and oversized art displays have long been a fan-favorite interior design element that adds personality to a room.

To truly make your house a home, you need pieces that no one else has. Have a photo of your favorite place mounted on a canvas and displayed in your living room. Commission the most amazing portrait painting of your parents on their wedding day or of your beloved pet lounging in their spot. Art should elicit an emotional response– the more true to you, the better.

Have a Signature Look

If there’s a pattern or color you love and wear often, incorporate it into your decor. If you have a yellow paisley scarf that you’re rarely seen without, have a similar fabric sewn into throw pillows. If you have a favorite shade of lipstick add an accent piece of the same color to various locations throughout your home.

There are many ways to add a common thread that connects all of your rooms without having cookie-cutter designs throughout your home. Perhaps no one else will pick up on the theme, but it’s something personal that tells you you’re home.

Break the Rules

Mixed patterns are becoming more popular as interior designers strive to break the rules and shake things up. If you want a chevron rug with a polka dot pillow, do it. If you like the idea of having multi-colored quilts and patchwork curtains, do it. The years of conforming to a set of style rules are over. Now is the time to embrace your creative chaos and make a space that works for you.

Open Walls

Open concept isn’t for everyone, but closed walls can create a sense of claustrophobia. Work with a contractor to find ways to open the walls without removing them, whether it’s large archways, half-walls or interior windows. Interior glass walls are a particularly beautiful way to add separation between rooms without detracting from the natural light and ambiance. 

Center Bathtub

Rustic Bathtub

Bathtubs are traditionally something that’s cast to the side to create open space in the center of a bathroom. Rather than making your bathtub an after-thought, make it the focal point. Put it in the center of the room. Opt for something other than the traditional tub unit and adorn it with design elements that make it pop.

Add Plants

While some people have furbabies, others have plant friends. Green plants add life– literally– to interior design schemes and can aid with temperature control and air purification. Add plants to every room for a breath of fresh air.

Create a Bedroom Lounge

A bedroom is a private retreat within a home that should be used for more than just going to sleep. Create a small lounge area in your room, with a reading lamp, comfortable chair, and side table. If space allows, you can even have a coffee or tea station for those weekend days when you aren’t quite ready to leave your solitude. Read more about codependency coaching near me

Use Functional Designs

Homes are getting smaller and minimalism is becoming more prevalent. When incorporating design elements, prioritize functionality. Woven baskets tucked onto shelves add a rustic, humble look but also store extra wires and other unsightly gadgets. Adding a tall, thin cabinet between your fridge and the wall looks great but can also store your spices, find more.

Add a Slide

Indoor slide

What child hasn’t dreamed of having a slide in their home? For those with a wide or open staircase, adding a slide is an entirely unique design element that adds fun and whimsy to your home. Had a bad day? Hit the slide.

In-Floor Seating or Storage

Don’t let the space between your floorboards go to waste. Create functional storage that will amaze guests and have your home feeling well-organized and functional. Alternatively, use that space to create a sunken seating area that can be uncovered when the company arrives. This works especially well in bungalows and basements.

The most important element in making your house feel like home is personalization. Our home is a way to showcase your personality and create a space that welcomes you with open arms.


* Just a heads up: this page contains affiliate links (as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases)! If you buy something through one of these links, you won’t pay a penny more, but we’ll get a small commission, which helps keep our tummies full 🐶Thanks! 🙂

Tips to Designing your Home for Senior

Tips for Designing Your Home For Senior Living The Vegan Way

How To Create Safe Spaces for the Elderly


The uptick in a vegan lifestyle is no longer simply applying to just our eating habits; it’s in the way we live including our homes. It is expected that vegan home design will rise in popularity just as vegan food in the coming years and designers in the industry have already begun to make provisions for the shift. As homeowners, we take much pride in the design of our homes and strive for it to reflect our personalities and our needs, including our changing needs as we age. More seniors are opting to age at home and as a result, may need to adopt some changes in our home’s interior design. Just like we can now incorporate our vegan preferences in our paint choices or even our choice of natural home cleaning products, we can also create a vegan senior-friendly home using our interior design choices, navigate to this website.

Start With Your Flooring

One of the most recommended changes for a senior-friendly and accessible living space is to change your floors. According to published work by researchers including those at Berkley Wellness at the University Of California, our balance changes as we age due to loss of muscle, declined reaction time and sometimes, poor vision.In addition, falls are one of the most reported incidents amongst seniors with 1 in 4 Americans reporting an occurrence. Therefore, you can start with removing and replacing any rugs with anti-slip options and opting for flooring made of soft material such as carpet in spaces such as your living room and bedroom.

When designing your home’s interior even the color scheme of your carpets can make an impact on your desired color scheme or theme so this is a great way to incorporate your taste. However, when it comes to choosing your carpets or rugs, avoid synthetic fabrics and opt for eco-friendly and non-toxic options instead. Chemical free carpets such as Earth Weave and Helios carpets are made from eco-friendly fabrics and treated with biodegradable treatments instead. Visit

Opt For Sustainable Shower Curtains And Rails

As we age, our stability can also decline and tasks such as taking a shower can present itself as a potential hazard. Installing grab bars and shower railings are one of the simplest adaptations you can make to promote accessible living at home. Speaking of the bathroom, consider swapping out your plastic shower curtains for those made of organic cotton or linen. Hemp is also a great choice in for shower curtain liners since the nature of its material makes it more resistant to mold, a key issue in damp environments such as the bathroom.

Go Vegan With Your Accessories- Including Your Fabrics

Accent fabrics, pillows, and even your curtain choices play a part in not only your home decor but its accessibility to seniors. Many organizations such as PETA UK estimate that vegan fabrics   are the future of home interior design. Choosing fabrics made from cotton, hemp or even recycled polyester means you are avoiding the use of wool in the making of your throw pillows, curtains, throws, and even your couch’s fabric covering.  Check out

Not only are they more kind to the environment and its inhabitants, but some of them are also better. Organic cotton is lighter, more breathable and easier to take care of (think washing them). This eases the burden of care on seniors who may have impaired abilities and also promotes great ventilation. More specific to the needs of seniors, it is important to keep your decor thoughtful and avoid buildup and clutter. This means possibly adopting a minimalist attitude to avoid trip hazards.

Boost Your Lighting With Sustainable Options

Lighting in areas such as the kitchen becomes much more important as we age and our visions may be impacted. Having adjustable and strategically placed lighting can help seniors avoid accidents such as cuts when prepping their food or burns and spills when cooking. However, when are you choosing your lighting fixtures, go for the vegan-friendly lighting fixtures such as the Muulight Pendant Lightshade from London based The company promotes sustainability from production right up to its design (its lampshade is made from Japanese Kosuke paper). They are also lit using LED bulbs when is both energy efficient and negates the number of times you need to change the bulbs (yet another senior hazard).

Finally, consider accessibility in terms of your storage. This includes kitchen cabinets and closets. As we age, our reach may not be the same as it once was. This means lower placed cabinets can be a good idea. However, when designing these cabinets choose vintage or salvageable wood for your construction and natural water-based waxes or vegan paint in lieu of beeswax and other traditional finishes. Adapting your home as you age requires some changes but with a bit more consideration, you can still stay true to your belief of protecting the planet and its animals.

Eco Friendly Lighting

Looking for Eco-Friendly Lighting Option? Try LEDs

Deborah DiMare

Turning your house into an eco-friendly home is continually becoming an easier task. From updated and energy-efficient appliances to the type of paint you put on your wall, more and more companies are creating products that fit an eco-friendly, child-and pet-friendly lifestyle. Explore the eco-friendly lighting option.

There are some elements of the house that are more obvious to change. But then there are parts that are easily forgotten about. As you browse the checklist of needed changes throughout your home, be sure that new lighting is on that list. Find out more about Manifesto Times Table Tricks

How To Decorate A Small Space

How To Decorate A Small Space

Deborah DiMare

How To Decorate A Small Space can seem a bit daunting. Living in tight quarters means paring down and becoming more innovative with design solutions. Let’s explore some options that will make tiny living effortless and enjoyable.

How to Choose White Sheets

Did you know that almost all sheets and pillows are toxic and dangerous?? yup most of them are. So I want to talk to you about bedding. How to choose white sheets, tell you what you need to avoid when buying sheets and pillows. You want to stay healthy right? OK. So you’ve gotta take a few minutes and learn. There’s a lot of secrets that bedding manufacturers don’t want you to know about such as the seriously dangerous poisons used in the making of our bedding, the same bedding you, your babies, your family, mother law sleep ink. I’m not gonna comment on that last one.


So, I want to talk about that and also how the layout of our bedrooms is super important, even if you have a teeny weeny bedroom. So if you weren’t aware, I’m a compassionate interior designer which means I do my best to design natural non-toxic spaces by using ethical materials and vegan furniture that aren’t derived from animals & that contain fewer chemicals than traditional materials. You see I love animals and me kind of like people too. So that’s why I’m a vegan designer. So, now that we covered that, let’s get to bedding.


Our bodies instinctually need healthy, comforting, simple, natural spaces in order for us to be our best and thrive. It goes back to our basic needs when we were living in caves.  A long time ago, like 100 years ago, most of us slept 9 hours a night. Today, the average is about 6 ½ hours & nearly 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder. I know that I am certainly not the best person to be around when I’m tired. Being tired leads to getting sick. Our body regenerates during sleep, think of it like charging a phone when the battery is close to running out – you’re the phone. So lack of charging ourselves can lead to depression, drug use, illness, car crashes and major crankiness.


We have a lot going on in our heads in today’s world and I know it can be tough to” turn it off” at night. Creating a really cozy, comfy, healthy bed is a great way to begin the “shutdown” process. A question that I get asked a lot as a designer is “What kind of bedding should I get?” There are so many options and misleading ads about bedding. A lot of Manufacturers don’t really want to shout out to you that they’re producing products that contain chemicals that can make us sick or make conditions like allergies or asthma worse.


Here are a few ingredients that you probably can’t believe are in your bedding. Boric Acid, an industrial toxic chemical that has been used for over 30 years and linked to an array of health issues and diseases such as fetal malformation, hormone disrupters and cancer.


Formaldehyde – 70% of sheet manufacturers put formaldehyde in their materials. Why? for wrinkles. So don’t buy wrinkle-free, non-iron or permanent press sheets. Azo dyes – Azo is a chemical that has been banned in Europe but still allowed in the US. So make sure to buy eco-friendly bedding that promotes NO Azo on its packaging. If not, it’s most likely still being used. Our body is continually absorbing substances through our skin and lungs, even when sleeping. So the materials we surround ourselves with have a direct impact on our mental and physical health. So, what bedding should you get you to ask?


Let’s talk about pillows. You want pillows that will keep you healthy and breathing easier at night right?  I mean considering that pillows come in direct contact with your face where you can breathe in a lot of bacteria and chemicals. Bamboo pillows are great. They are hypoallergenic and dust mite retardants. Yeah, picture little teeny weeny bugs going for a stroll on your face while sleeping. EW.  Certain materials, mostly animal-based stuffing that’s used in bedding, carry dust mites and are treated with chemicals like lead, mercury or formaldehyde. Bamboo pillows typically are chemical-free and bamboo is a super sustainable material. The tree grows 3’ a day. Wow. Kapok – or rubber. Yes, it is very cool and comfy. Insiders call it “silk cotton.”  


It is the lightest natural fiber in the world and grown non-toxins, pesticides or fertilizer. Buckwheat – yup a pillow filled with buckwheat hulls, like tiny little pebbles. It’s still the favorite pillow used in Japan. Do not, I repeat, do not get Down feathers – ugh! Don’t get me started! Surrounding yourself with down can lead to Feather Duvet Lung.. yes it’s an actual inflammatory condition that affects the lungs. Down feathers are also treated with chemicals like formaldehyde. And if you think ducks are the cutest, and if you like human beings please don’t buy down. It’s an extremely unethical industry.


Sheets.  your sheets can expose you to chemicals that will affect your health or make you sicker. The best bet is to go 100% organic – Stay away from silk – really, I mean it.. unless your Austin Powers.. silk is filled with chemicals and totally unethical. Silkworms are living beings too.  Plus have you ever slept on silk sheets? They’re so uncomfortable. like sleeping in grease. That’s just my take on it. But hey you do your own thing. But Bamboo silk sheets are incredible. I use them personally and my dog Lucca sleeps like a log. Bamboo sheets don’t hold moisture, they’re hypoallergenic, strong and feel so soft.


Make sure to get Tencel Bamboo or Bamboo Lyocell. They don’t use toxic solvents which are used in Bamboo Viscose(or Rayon). Organic cotton is also super comfy. Hemp – made from cannabis hemp.. yah mon’, they’re typically formaldehyde-free, no chemicals and dye-free. Check this site if you are looking for 24hr San Diego water damage pro.  They’re soft too. Most are made with a mix of hemp and cotton. And They soften up a lot with washing. 


 Mattresses – Go Organic with your mattresses. There are endless options. Long gone are the days where a luxury vegan mattress must contain wool and leather to be considered luxurious. I like to believe we are a more compassionate, educated world. Wool and leather are soaked in toxins. Wool also holds moisture and most of us sweat at night. Pause. I know, I’m sorry. But it had to be said. We all “uh hum – perspire” 


So how should your sleeping space be laid and designed. 2 words. No clutter. clutter-free! I’ll repeat that. No clutter. Create a calm, clean space for you to wind down in. Clutter in a room clutters our brains. It’s a fact. Disorganization is space is uncomfortable.. has to do with us living in caves a long time ago. Keep the colors limited too, in my opinion. I give white bedding a plus. It’s relaxing and luxurious. Makes you think of a hotel or spa. And white is so easy to clean, throw it the wash. Getting into a bed in crisp white sheets at night is so amazing. Also, make sure the energy of the space is positive. If the room is naturally dark, try to add something natural, like a plant or soy candles to give it energy.


Make sure you feel good with where your head lies. Most of us psychologically like to be able to see the entrance from our bed. If you have a great view, it would be nice to wake up in the morning and see the view first thing as well. If not, place a piece of art on the wall you see first thing in the am. Wake up with positive energy, ready to take on that day!


So if you want to sleep in a bed that is good for your body and brain, you now know what to look for and what to avoid.  Please Let me know please if this info has been helpful in the comments below. If you’d like to shop my personal favorites, click the link below

How To Host a Vegan BBQ

How To Host a Vegan BBQ (both herbi- and carni- vores will LOVE!)

Deborah DiMare

How to host a vegan bbq? Choosing a healthier and compassionate lifestyle shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying a holiday that celebrates independence, togetherness and sharing food. So we prepared the ultimate guide on what to bring to the table for all the Vegans out there – and we bet it would entice the carnivores out there too – because knowing no animals were harmed makes it so much more delicious!

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