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Mother’s Day Bedding Gifts And More

Mother’s Day Bedding Gifts And More. As a cruelty free designer, one of the challenges I mostly encounter is finding decor that doesn’t harm any living being, is safe and less toxic. We all want to be happy, healthy and strong. So surrounding ourselves with positive, good things is a strong part of mental and physical health.  The gifts below are thoughtful and special. They meet quite a bit of  ethical criteria. So without further ado, here are our favorite “Mother’s Day Bedding Gifts And More” for all the mamas out there!

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The Truth About Greenwashing

The Truth About Greenwashing. Greenwashing is a term that is being loosely thrown around by companies to give consumers the impression that they are environmentally friendly, when in fact, they are not.It seems that almost all companies (95%) that claim to be eco friendly are greenwashing in some form or another. They are tricking the consumer by “empowering” them with the wrong information. For example, a company may claim its product to be chromium free. When in fact, chromium wasn’t a needed ingredient for the products manufacturing.

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Clean Soap. Good Energy. Meet Dr. Bronner

Clean Soap. Good Energy. Meet Lisa Bronner of Dr. Bronner Soap on April 23rd. Dr. Bronner  is the maker of one of the largest top selling ethical & vegan soaps in North America. The company was founded by  Dr. Emanuel Bronner who learned soapmaking in the 1920’s in Germany.  His parents were killed in Auschwitz & Emanuel dropped the “Heil” from his name “Heilbronner.” The family & company history is incredible.
I’m counting the days til Lisa Bronner, the grand daughter of Emanuel, joins me in our Facebook Group for a live chat.  I’m so excited to have Lisa as our guest. So many questions! Clean Soap. Good Energy. Meet Dr. Bronner.

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Family Safety & Hidden Home Poisons

Family Safety & Hidden Home Poisons. Many common household items we’ve used over the years are actually bad for your health. Some can damage your skin; others can contaminate your food. But the most dangerous toxins are in the air, your furniture and your environment. “Make sure you have the necessary smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed. That should be your first priority. If you’re worried about other poisons, there are tests you can have done to check for common household toxins.” Starting by installing those detectors. Print and tape this infographic below to your fridge.

Family Safety & Hidden Home Poisons

Toxins Hiding In Your Home by Ambient Bamboo Flooring

Hen and eggs from the local farm.

Is Having Backyard Chickens Necessary?

Is having backyard chickens necessary? First it was toilet paper that people were hoarding, now it’s chickens? Please watch this video I made discussing why raising chickens for our dietary needs is unethical & nonsensical. Surviving during this pandemic doesn’t have to result in the exploitation of another creature.

While at the ARC Conference in D.C., I met with Jewel from the Rooster Sanctuary at Danzig’s Roost. She gave me the real scoop on backyard and local eggs:


Are Eggs From Backyard Chickens Ethical?




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Crib Mattresses Can Make Your Baby Sick

Crib Mattresses Can Make Your Baby Sick.  Buying a mattress for your newborn or child is a big deal. A lot of crib and child mattresses that are sold in stores can trigger illnesses. Many infant mattresses contain poisons.

So, please take 5 minutes of your day and watch this video I made about crib mattresses. I promise you it’s worth your time.  I cover what to look for when buying a mattress for your baby or child in a few minutes.


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DIY Kids Play Areas For The Home

DIY Safe & Healthy Kids Play Spaces For The Home. Get expert tips & have your questions answered from the perfect team, an interior designer focused on healthy, ethical design and an occupational therapist. Learn how to create areas of play for your children’s sensory and developmental needs.  Size of a space is unimportant. Even the tiniest of nooks are ideal for many children.




Where: Healthy & Humane Design Facebook Group Watch Party
When: Wednesday, April 15th 
Time: 12:30 -1:00 PM EST
The Experts: Deborah DiMare & Nancy Amar.
Your Homework Today; Post pictures of your kids current play areas on our Facebook Group Page




Nancy and I will discuss how to create calming, stimulating, sensory and dual purpose play and “decompression” zones in the smallest of spaces.  Kids, like us, all have unique personalities & their play spaces must meet those needs. Sensory design is one of my favorite topics. It will be a great talk and it’s live.

Non Animal Based Furniture Means Good Health

Non Animal-Based Furniture Means Good Health

Non Animal-Based (vegan) Furniture Means Good Health. Ethical interior design is humane and healthy. We all want to be happy, healthy and strong. Going cruelty free and less toxic in your spaces will help you achieve optimal health, mentally and physically.

Please click on video below to learn more about cruelty free, healthy design.


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Does Plain Soap Kills Viruses

Does Plain Soap Kills Viruses. I am not comfortable using Clorox or Lysol or any other strong, toxic chemicals for killing viral germs. So I delved in to learning if basic soaps could be a match for the power of chemicals when killing viruses. Please watch the video to listen and learn what I discovered about gentler cleaners and their strength in killing viruses.

As one scientist quoted, “using bleach on surfaces “is like using a bludgeon to swat a fly,” Its like a molecular garden shear, chopping everything up.

Please click on video below to learn more. Does Plain Soap Kills Viruses


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