Decorating On A Budget!! How Many Ways Can We Slice It.

InAFix - Decorating On A Budget!! How Many Ways Can We Slice It.

InAFixI was a designer on The Learning Channel’s “In a Fix.”  The show took place over a 3 day period.  In that time, I along with an incredibly talented cast of carpenters and about 50 behind the scene crew members (shhhh…that was the part viewers weren’t supposed to know about), would transform a space that was in major disrepair for a needy family.  It was wonderful to know that our very hard work helped a family that really needed it.  We had a very sparse budget.

 What I learned about decorating on a dime is that one has to think as far out of the box as one can.  I’m talkin’ – reaching out into the galaxy for ideas.  I created a wall with chicken wire and candles. I made a beer tap out of a fire hydrant (the owner was a fireman). I created tables with books and window treatments with handkerchiefs.  It was great!!! Nothing was a no-no.  Every crazy thing I created had a purpose and that’s what was important. Nothing was wasted.

 So, when you are designing a space with a few pennies, first decide on the purpose of the space, and then have an image of a space that you love and mimic it in your own “unique, special way.” Can’t afford that gorgeous crystal vase appearing in the magazine?  Well, that plastic clear pitcher from Walmart could easily work.  Hang a beaded necklace around it and call it your own or find one at Jewelry shopping!!!

 Send us pics of spaces you’ve created on a budget. We would love to share!

 -Deborah Rosenberg

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