Clean Soap. Good Energy. Meet Dr. Bronner

Dr. Bronner Soap Interview
Clean Soap. Good Energy. Meet Lisa Bronner of Dr. Bronner Soap on April 23rd. Dr. Bronner  is the maker of one of the largest top selling ethical & vegan soaps in North America. The company was founded by  Dr. Emanuel Bronner who learned soapmaking in the 1920’s in Germany.  His parents were killed in Auschwitz & Emanuel dropped the “Heil” from his name “Heilbronner.” The family & company history is incredible.
I’m counting the days til Lisa Bronner, the grand daughter of Emanuel, joins me in our Facebook Group for a live chat.  I’m so excited to have Lisa as our guest. So many questions! Clean Soap. Good Energy. Meet Dr. Bronner.

What: Facebook Live Group Chat with Dr. Bronner 
When: Thursday, April 23rd 
Time: 2:00-2:30 PM EST
Where: Healthy & Humane Design Facebook Group Live
The Host: Deborah DiMare
Guest: Lisa Bronner of Dr. Bronner Soaps
Your Homework; Have  Questions Ready for Lisa! Start Posting them on Our Facebook Group page

We Will Cover

  • The controversy over whether or not strong chemicals are necessary to kill germs.
  • Why was Emanuel Bronner so focused on ethics from the start. Dr. Bronner was a true rebel & way ahead of his time
  • Understanding palm oil. What is it? Why does its use negatively affect our health and the planet
  • How can we reduce toxins in our homes? What about outgassing and residues?
  • What ingredients in soaps are unsafe for babies and pets?
  • If the group is interested, I would also love to explore the soapmaking history of Dr. Bronner that started in Germany


Mark April 23rd, 2 PM EST in your calendar & get ready to have fun & learn from Lisa Bronner. Clean Soap. Good Energy. Meet Dr. Bronner

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