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Cute lucca, the Covid 19 and our pets.

Health – COVID 19 & Our Dogs & Cats

Health – Covid 19 and our pets.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Veterinarian Dr. Samantha Saunders about COVID 19. Dr. Saunders is PETA’S  Corona Virus Researcher and she also has her doctorate in Corona Virology.  I learned about the theory of how the COVID – 19 pandemics began. It seems to be linked to wet markets, bats and Pangolins. We spoke about whether or not our pets, including cats, dogs and companion animals can transfer the virus to us or to them. Watch the interview. It’s filled with great information.



Brown and Gray Bedroom - vegan interior design tips.

DiMare Design x PETA Prime: Vegan Interior Design Tips That Save Animals’ Lives

Deborah DiMare

Have you ever taken a moment to look at a sheepskin rug? I mean, really look—closely enough to take in the creepiness?

As soon as you realize that animal skin was once … well, skin, you’ll never be able to scrub the idea from your brain. More about

The good news is that you can create gorgeous interiors without suffering, and as more and more consumers seek animal-friendly options, they’re becoming easier and easier to find. Welcome to cruelty-free, vegan interior design.

X Peta: Wool Alternatives

DiMare Design X Peta: Wool Alternatives

Deborah DiMare

In the Northern part of the country, where winters start in November and don’t seem to end until March, it can become unbearably cold. X Peta: Wool Alternatives. Think layers of shirts and sweaters as well as thermals under your jeans just to run an errand. It’s no surprise that many people turn to warmer materials to stay bundled up during the winter. You curl up with a wool blanket while catching up on your favorite TV shows and think, “Warmth, thank goodness.”

But what took place in order for you to get that coveted wool blanket?

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Cruelty-Free Celebrity

Cruelty-Free Celebrity and self proclaimed “Lazy Vegetarian” comedian Bill Maher

Deborah DiMare


“We need more people speaking out. This country is not overrun with rebels and free thinkers. It’s overrun with sheep and conformists,” states Bill Maher. Maher, a well known talk show host, comedian and animal activist always has something to say. He grew up that way after all.


Born in New York City in 1956 and raised in New Jersey, Maher grew up in a rather simple lifestyle post World War II in the 1960’s. He once described it as a “Leave It To Beaver” scenario. Despite this, controversial subjects, often brought up by his father who was a news editor for NBC, were discussed at the dinner table. Maher was always encouraged to speak his mind on current events. Maybe this is how his journey began.


Peta Prime: The Cruelty-Free/Vegan Home – Leather Alternatives

Deborah DiMare

Recently, I was visiting a client’s home that I had designed over a year ago. As I was walking through the residence, I couldn’t help but notice that every room in the entire house contained one or more items made with animal skins. The living room showcased large leather swivel chairs, an oversized horsehair ottoman was in another room, and suede sofas and wool area rugs had been placed throughout. A few months ago, I would have considered this project one of my finest. Walking through the spaces now was a nightmare. I felt as if a complete stranger had designed the place.

Take a few seconds right now and look around you. I would bet that within the space that surrounds you, there is an item made with animal skin or fur. It could be an office chair, sofa, car seat, desk blotter, blanket, or pillow, perhaps.


PETA Prime – Vegan Interior Design

Deborah DiMare

DiMare Design will change the heart and direction of interior design with a compassionate style. Through awareness and demonstration, interior design will be therapeutic and cruelty-free. Please take a look at our first post for PETA on tips for designing a fabulous vegan space! VEGAN DESIGN TIPS CLICK HERE



People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

DiMare Diaries: Sara Britt, Junior Corporate Liaison, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Deborah DiMare


To stay centered, what is one activity you do religiously daily or weekly? 

Meditation and silence. Oh, and working out. My part-time job is teaching group exercise classes, like boot-camp with lots of plyometrics and high intensity interval training. Keeping my butt in shape and also motivating others to feel better about themselves keep me healthy inside and out.