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This is a picture of a vegan leather sofa.

Fake V Real Leather Get 10 Facts

Fake V Real Leather Get 10 Facts. Many of us, including myself, were lead to believe that leather equates to luxury. That the softness and “leather” smell ultra chic? Well, I’m here to tell you 10 things you didn’t know about that leather chair or couch you might be sitting on right now that might make you think about leather alternatives in a whole new way. Fake V Real Leather Get 10 Facts.


This is a picture of a girl lying on her dog on a healthy safe furniture.

Interview: Safe Healthy Home Fabrics

Safe Healthy Home Fabrics. We all want to be happy, healthy & strong. We do our best to eat the right foods and exercise. But many of us are completely in the dark about how our environment can make us sick. Cancer, infertility, neurological issues are just a few of the illnesses that continual contact with chemicals can cause. It’s incredibly frightening to know that we, unknowingly are buying furniture, sheets and fabrics for our homes and work areas that are harming ourselves, our babies and our families. Watch this interview with leading textile expert Patty Grossman. She and I covered how to choose Safe Healthy Home Fabrics. We also cover many other important topics; CLICK ON VIDEO BELOW TO WATCH A SNEAK PEAK.



Peta Prime: The Cruelty-Free/Vegan Home – Leather Alternatives

Deborah DiMare

Recently, I was visiting a client’s home that I had designed over a year ago. As I was walking through the residence, I couldn’t help but notice that every room in the entire house contained one or more items made with animal skins. The living room showcased large leather swivel chairs, an oversized horsehair ottoman was in another room, and suede sofas and wool area rugs had been placed throughout. A few months ago, I would have considered this project one of my finest. Walking through the spaces now was a nightmare. I felt as if a complete stranger had designed the place.

Take a few seconds right now and look around you. I would bet that within the space that surrounds you, there is an item made with animal skin or fur. It could be an office chair, sofa, car seat, desk blotter, blanket, or pillow, perhaps.