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Deborah DiMare

Everyone thinks of home when they consider interior design, but don’t you want your home office to reflect your style and commitment to your values too? My approach is to create a harmonious space where you can spend your hectic workday; it not only creates the right impression for colleagues and clients, but it also gives you more satisfaction and appreciation of the hours you spend there.

As an interior designer and animal lover, I recently made a decision to design spaces that are cruelty-free (vegan). I no longer use any items made with animal skins, fur or feathers. Vegan furnishings are fabulous, less expensive and save animals. Humane furniture is such a positive element to bring into a space because none of the decor is a result of cruelty or death. It’s a win-win all the way around.

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Deborah DiMare

As an interior designer, being a bit of a planner goes with the job description. Having a solid game plan makes every project more enjoyable, and it makes my clients happy – which makes me happy!

Naturally, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with big projects. When I get into analysis paralysis, I know it’s time to take a breath, assess where I’m at, and take things a step at a time. This approach has served me well in many areas of my life, from design to activism. It’s one I share with people whenever I can. The idea of redesigning a whole house – or even a whole room – can be daunting if you’re new to the idea of compassionate design. If you’re thinking of committing to a vegan ethic for your surroundings, the one-step approach can help you make choices you can feel good about without having to make them all at once.

Lean, Green Office Machine-Plants and Office Environment

Lean, Green Office Machine-Plants and Office Environment

Deborah DiMare

3 Reasons Why You Should Add a Plant to Your Office

Adding a plant to your desk is not only visually appealing, but benefits the overall workplace.

Over the holidays, like many companies do, I joined in with the rest of my coworkers in a Secret Santa. We used a website to coordinate this and to make our wish lists too. My coworker (I’ll call her Amy) had put a few knick knacks on this list, but the one that stood out to her Secret Santa the most was the hanging succulent.

Her reaction to a plant being on Amy’s wish list was, “That’s so Amy.”

A little background on Amy: along with the rest of her coworkers, Amy worked long hours both in and out of the office. Working with a team overseas does that and unfortunately with the cold winter weather, it caused most of the staff including Amy to wind up with a cold.

When it came time to reveal the Secret Santa presents, Amy was excited to receive this little succulent hanging plant, not much bigger than two fists. Most people want gift cards to Amazon or iTunes, but Amy wanted a plant.


A Hunch From Work? Humane Design Therapy Is the Answer

Deborah DiMare

My 21 year old healthy yoga practicing daughter has been working in an office for the past six months.  Recently, she’s been experiencing intense neck and shoulder pain that drove her to seek weekly trips to an acupuncturist.

According to a recent article in Oprah’s “O” Magazine, my daughter’s neck and shoulder inflammation is a very common and ever growing injury. The article’s research states “as many as 63 percent of all office workers will suffer from neck pain within the year. Women are at particular risk.” This is alarming. But it can be prevented. The cure lies in thoughtful design.


Peta Prime: The Cruelty-Free/Vegan Home – Leather Alternatives

Deborah DiMare

Recently, I was visiting a client’s home that I had designed over a year ago. As I was walking through the residence, I couldn’t help but notice that every room in the entire house contained one or more items made with animal skins. The living room showcased large leather swivel chairs, an oversized horsehair ottoman was in another room, and suede sofas and wool area rugs had been placed throughout. A few months ago, I would have considered this project one of my finest. Walking through the spaces now was a nightmare. I felt as if a complete stranger had designed the place.

Take a few seconds right now and look around you. I would bet that within the space that surrounds you, there is an item made with animal skin or fur. It could be an office chair, sofa, car seat, desk blotter, blanket, or pillow, perhaps.


Easy and Affordable Fall Decorating Ideas: #1 – Create Your Own Arrangements

Deborah DiMare


Tis the season to start movin’ stuff around… when the leaves start afallin’ start ahaulin’. I just made that up. A new season is always the perfect time to do a little updating to your decor. Fall is such a beautiful season. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to recreate the following fall decorating ideas in your own home. They’re super easy and all of our tips are affordable.

Keep in touch with us. We’ll be posting easy and affordable fall decorating ideas from now until the end of November.


Fall Decorating Idea #1: Create your Own Center Pieces and Arrangements

A very simple and inexpensive way to decorate your home is to create your own center pieces and arrangements using glass votive candles and brightly-colored fall foliage or other fall materials such as acorns and dried berries.

Try wrapping glass votive holders in different textures and materials using a string or twine. Another option is to insert fall materials inside the glass containers such as Indian corn kernels, unshelled nut mixes or acorns. It’s so easy and takes minutes. You can also find things around the house that remind you of Fall and incorporate those items too. There are no rules, it all works and is so much fun.

Here are other ideas on how you can decorate and create your own arrangements using glass votive:

If you have any fall decorating ideas please share them with us! We would love to hear them.


-Deborah Rosenberg


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Kids Playroom Design on a Budget

Deborah DiMare

As a mom, I completely understood that creating a kids area has to have multiple uses.  It has to constantly evolve and change, kind of like a Transformer and be, how shall i say this…cheap.  I can still recall the many phases of my twins’ space.  It went from a toddlers playroom, complete with a training potty smack in the middle of the room to an arts and  crafts studio and then on to a hang out space.

So, when a Ddigz client asked us to help her create a kids study/music room/hang out area for her 3 growing boys, we were up for the challenge.  It’s all about “design with direction.”  What is the goal? Who in this space needs to be heard and understood with their immediate and future needs?  What about aspirations? I know that might sound silly. I mean, it’s only a room right? Not to me.  All spaces, in my mind, have a goal and a direction.

So, what we did was have respect for all 3 boys. We heard them.  The space was carefully planned; the desk areas were cleaned up, organized and painted white. I love white as anyone who follows me probably knows by now.

Ergonomic desk chairs replaced the old ones for the brother who was on his computer 24/7.  The musician was given a place to proudly display his guitars and practice. The brother who likes to “chill” was thrilled with his deep seated sofa in brown chenille.  It doesn’t show any of the soda he spills on the couch.. cool.

Everyone is happy including mom.  She and the Ddigz team are very proud of how the kids space turned out. It looks great and was inexpensive.  Perfect!

[vimeo 108508365 w=500 h=246]


Click on the board to buy any of the items you see here:


-Deborah Rosenberg

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Wild Rock Dog Bowl - Decorating with Pets

Wild Rock Dog Bowl – Decorating with Pets

Deborah DiMare

Decorating your home when you have pets can be challenging. We found this very modern Wild Rock dog bowl on BLTD we know our Receptionist Luca will absolutely love! It works as a great decorating piece for your home as well.


Do you like it? Comment back and let us know.


-Deborah Rosenberg

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Modern Love and Interior Design - whiteroom

Modern Love and Interior Design

Deborah DiMare

Love and interior design go hand in hand. I recall a conversation I had many years ago with an upholsterer. I was slip covering several sofas for a client all in white. The upholsterer asked if the client was a single woman. She was. The client was recently divorced.

The upholsterer told me she had a theory that single women in particular look at white as a blank canvas, a fresh start. I thought about it and agreed with her. White has become a very popular color in interior design, especially here in Miami, White is totally reflective, awakening openness, growth and creativity. You can’t hide behind it as it amplifies everything in its way. It’s a clean slate.

This bedroom is one of my personal favorites. It combines the old and the new and it’s all shades of white. It has layers of texture that give it pure coziness. Plus, it’s white, which is also one of my favorite colors.

Do you have a favorite white space? We would love to see it.

 -Deborah Rosenberg

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