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Natural Alternative To Scotchgard

Natural Alternative To Scotchgard. I try my best to eliminate fabrics and furniture with chemicals. Our skin absorbs everything. Stain protectors like Scotchgard are very dangerous.  Stain repellants contain major lethal chemicals that can cause cancer, infertility, hormonal imbalances and can weaken the immune system. That’s just a few of the illnesses and sicknesses that fabric protectors can cause.

Alas, my never ending search for a stain guard that is non toxic, safe, eco-friendly and organic is over! It’s been a long journey. Here is my dramatic (yes – for me it was dramatic) review of a Natural Alternative To Scotchgard.


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Interview: Safe Healthy Home Fabrics

Safe Healthy Home Fabrics. We all want to be happy, healthy & strong. We do our best to eat the right foods and exercise. But many of us are completely in the dark about how our environment can make us sick. Cancer, infertility, neurological issues are just a few of the illnesses that continual contact with chemicals can cause. It’s incredibly frightening to know that we, unknowingly are buying furniture, sheets and fabrics for our homes and work areas that are harming ourselves, our babies and our families. Watch this interview with leading textile expert Patty Grossman. She and I covered how to choose Safe Healthy Home Fabrics. We also cover many other important topics; CLICK ON VIDEO BELOW TO WATCH A SNEAK PEAK.