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This is a picture of a nursery bedroom.

Non-Toxic & Conscious Child Spaces

Non-Toxic & Conscious Child Spaces. Babies take roughly 57,600 breaths per day! So yeah, their mattress, paint, blankets and anything in their nursery matters! Every piece of furniture, bedding and decor that you place in their space is key to their mental and physical development and will 100% affect them today and as they grow. Because those fragile little bodies and lungs are absorbing everything around them. The average infant sleeps a minimum of 18 hours a day. So they are in their crib and nursery alot!  I wrote this article to give you a few tips on how to choose the safest, healthiest and most socially responsible furniture & decor for your babies and small children.

Safe & Non Toxic Nursery Design Course

One of my challenges as a cruelty free & wellness interior designer is finding furniture and decor that meets my standards of “cleanliness.” When I say “clean” I am referring to products that are non toxic and non animal based (vegan & cruelty free). Cruelty Free products are generally less soaked in chemicals than animal based decor such as a leather chair, down feather blanket or a wool rug for example. A conscious space  is safer for your child, less toxic, healthier, gentler on the senses and positive energy. There is no tragedy or despair attached to any of the decor and we want our children to only be surrounded by love, safety and good energy right?  The way to do that is by choosing furniture, bedding and decor that is “clean” so they can grow to be happy, healthy and strong. Below  are  a few tips to get you started. If you’d like more indepth info on how to create a safe, non toxic & cruelty free nursery and kids space for your children, please check out my online course.

Choose a Soy Fiber Comforter Instead of a Woolen Blanket

Soybean fiber is made from the hulls of soy beans and is often known as “vegan cashmere”. This eco-friendly fabric is free from petrochemicals.  It also offers the comfort of cashmere, the softness of silk and the durability of cotton. Other vegan alternatives for wool include bamboo silk, organic cotton, hemp and lyocell fabric, which is  made from wood pulp. Petrochemicals are a class of very toxic chemicals made from petroleum. Petroleum based products are cheap to produce. Unfortunately, cheap, many times, equates to poisonous.

This is a picture of a non-toxic crib with mattress.

Crib Mattresses Can Make Your Baby Sick

Crib Mattresses Can Make Your Baby Sick.  Buying a mattress for your newborn or child is a big deal. A lot of crib and child mattresses that are sold in stores can trigger illnesses. Many infant mattresses contain poisons.

So, please take 5 minutes of your day and watch this video I made about crib mattresses. I promise you it’s worth your time.  I cover what to look for when buying a mattress for your baby or child in a few minutes.