5 Simple Halloween Decorating Ideas

Deborah DiMare

What do Halloween, pumpkins and great grandmothers have in common? My great-grandmother was originally from Russia.  She suffered greatly there and came to America as a young woman.  She lived with my family and I until she died. I was ten at the time. She was a tiny woman with long white hair and spoke English with a heavy Yiddish accent. I adored her and would run home from school to play with her. We love to share the 5 Simple Halloween Decorating Ideas.

My grandma had a funny take on many American customs and traditions.  Halloween was one of them.  She believed that the children who came to the door for candy were begging.  She would go on and on about no matter how poor she was in Russia, she never begged.  We would make every attempt to explain how the children weren’t begging.  However, we could never convince her otherwise.

So, as Halloween approaches I can’t help but picture my grandmother with her arms folded, watching us from afar, as we doled out candy, having a great time on Halloween.  Today I began thinking about her and wondered how Halloween came about.

So, here’s a few fun Halloween facts:

  • Halloween is one of the oldest and the second most popular holiday. Christmas is first.
  • Halloween was a pagan holiday honoring the dead. Halloween or “All Hallows Eve” as it was originally called, Is the night before All Saints Day, which Christians created to convert the pagans.  Halloween dates back over 2000 years and is part of the Celtic culture in Ireland, Britain and Northern Europe.  It’s celebrated on October 31st cause that’s the last day of the Celtic calendar.. Whaddya know!!!
  • The Celts were sure that if one dressed up in costume, they would fool the evil spirits and would be left alone. Apparently the Celts didn’t get out much.
  • So, why the Jack O Lanterns made out of pumpkins you might ask? The name “Jack o Lantern” comes from an Irish folktale about a man named Stingy Jack, and large turnips and potatoes were first used to carve out scary faces. Irish immigrants brought the tradition to America, home of the pumpkin, and it became an integral part of Halloween festivities.


And finally, tips on decorating for Halloween:

1. Use pumpkins! They can make great front porch decorations when grouped together. You can even use smaller sized pumpkins to create beautiful table center pieces.

(Leave a comment or message me for link on how to create this center piece)

2. Use Jello and snake toys to create this very cool yet creepy Halloween candy bowl.

(Leave a comment or message me for link on how to create this candy bowl from Martha Stewart)

3. Recycle toiled paper rolls, put glow sticks inside and make glow eyes on the bushes.

(Leave a comment or message me for link on how to make these)

4. Use plants with Halloween themed colored flowers such as yellow, orange and white.

5. Use spider web to decorate around your home.

Share your Halloween decorating ideas with us!  Send them to ddigz@dimaredesign.com  and you can win a Ddigz.com room design for free. It’s worth $479.00. The contest ends September 2nd.  Make sure to write “Halloween Décor Contest” on subject line.


Deborah Rosenberg

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