DiMare Diaries: Amy Zakarin of ZMPR


Meet Miami’s Top PR Super Woman Amy Zakarin of ZMPR in this month’s DiMare Diaries. Find out what makes her tick.

1. Name: Amy

2. If I wasn’t a publicist I would be: a broadcast crime reporter for a show like Dateline or 48 Hours, or an animal advocate working for PETA or Humane Society.

3. My favorite thing in my junk drawer is: my nail file.


4. My favorite space in my home ismy bedroom. It makes me feel relaxed, grounded and thoughtful. I actually love working from my bed, even though most say to reserve your bed for sleeping and other things 😉 I often do my best thinking in bed, and even have a special “desk pillow” for my laptop.

5. If I could have dinner with anyone in the world it would be: Oprah. And we would dine: at her home in Montecito, CA.

6. My walls are decorated with: contemporary artwork that my husband and I selected together at Miami art fairs. I guess you could call us “emerging collectors.” It’s so much fun finding pieces together for our home. It’s truly changed our aesthetic.


7. People would be surprised to know that: I was born in Seattle, WA.

8. My most significant memory from my childhood home is: our heavily patterned, blue kitchen. It was considered gorgeous at the time, but now would be just awful! Looking back it was the robin’s egg blue that everyone now associates with Tiffany. We had family dinners almost every night and often played games at the table.

9. The most valuable piece of career advice I’ve ever received wasto lead by example, but also to never be silent. My dad is an incredible teacher to this day (even though retired), who loves to share his knowledge and lead others to success. Then, my mom has this strong sense of justice and likes things to be rightful.

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10. My favorite meal is: dessert because I absolutely LOVE sweets.

11. A perfect day for me is: hanging with my husband, daughters and our 4 pets. My family is my everything. If my parents join us for lunch and I get to squeeze in some quiet reading time (in bed) with a great novel,then the day is beyond perfect!

12. If you could be any piece of furniture or decorative item for any space imaginable I would be: a gorgeous curvy chair made of steel. Strong, yet feminine.

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