6 Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Life


stressWe are a nation of depressed, stressed pill poppers.  Americans spent 11 billion dollars in antidepressants last year. 13 prescriptions were prescribed per man, woman, and child. That’s a 400% rise since the 80’s.

I wrote this post because I received a letter from my daughter’s college.  The letter went on to say that a majority of the students experience stress during exams. The school was selling “stress packages” for the students to buy and hopefully alleviate some of the pressure they’re experiencing.  The packages contained mostly candy, which seemed a bit counterproductive in my opinion.

reflexologySo, my daughter and I, together, created a stress kit which has a more holistic, healthy approach.  It also costs a lot less than 11 billion dollars. This kit is ideal for anyone at any age.  No one escapes stress during one’s lifetime.  It’s part of living.  However, perhaps instead of reaching for a pill next time, consider other alternatives that won’t defeat the purpose of a good mind, body and soul. As I’m writing this, I’m taking my own advice and using the foot roller. It feels almost as good as resting my feet on my dog’s warm belly, almost…

Check out our Stress Kit here.

Do you have any tricks or tips on how to release stress? We’d love to hear.

-Deborah Rosenberg

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