How To Host a Vegan BBQ (both herbi- and carni- vores will LOVE!)

Deborah Rosenberg

Choosing a healthier and compassionate lifestyle shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying a holiday that celebrates independence, togetherness and sharing food. So we prepared the ultimate guide on what to bring to the table for all the Vegans out there – and we bet it would entice the carnivores out there too – because knowing no animals were harmed makes it so much more delicious!




Jennifer Aniston’s Spring Salad

Serve up a side of Jennifer Aniston’s fresh Spring salad for a dish that’s high in fiber, iron, and vitamin C. Hydrating cucumbers and refreshing tomatoes go well with any BBQ fare.


Cucumber, Black Bean, Corn, and Avocado Salad

Crafted with simple ingredients, this satisfying Summer salad is not only low in calories, but is also a great way to combine the flavors of cucumbers, tomatoes, and cilantro.



Avocado and Lime Black Bean Salad

This delicious avocado and lime black bean salad is full of protein, fiber, and healthy fats, minus all the meat!



Sesame Ginger Quinoa Salad

If you’re bored of a basic green salad, here’s a hearty variation that includes cooked quinoa for added protein and fiber.



Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad

This quinoa tabbouleh salad is so good – you may actually do a double scoop onto your plate. The recipe is very spicy and oniony, great for those who want a spicy side dish.



Finger Foods:


Dry Roasted Edamame With Black Sesame Seeds

If you’re a fan of the edamame that’s served alongside your sushi, you’ll want this recipe ASAP. The dish only requires four ingredients for an easy and healthy side.



Chipotle Lime Fries

Make a large batch and serve them to your guests and we guarantee they’ll be gone in minutes (The fries. Not the guests.)



Because they just make everything magical. And there are finer things in life than Mayonnaise – it doesn’t take a vegan to tell you that mayo is gross and has no place at a BBQ anyway.



Tomato Salsa

You’ll want to make two batches of this quick and easy tomato salsa because your party guests will devour it in minutes.



Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus

There’s nothing to not love about this sun-dried tomato hummus. All vegan and all natural, the healthy side dish will impress everyone’s taste buds.



Spicy Black Bean Hummus

A spicy black bean hummus dip will give you that added fiber to your diet. Black beans are also high in iron, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B1.




No backyard BBQ is complete without homemade guacamole. This creamy dip goes well with veggies, corn chips, or pita bread.




If you’re a fan of guacamole, but don’t like that it’s high in fat, then you’re going to go crazy for edamole. The green appearance comes from edamame, which are high in protein, low in fat and calories, and have a sweet and fresh flavor that is perfect for warm-weather parties.



Sun-Dried Tomato and Chili-Walnut Layered Dip

This sun-dried tomato and chili-walnut layered dip combines lemon citrus with sun-dried tomato and a hint of chili. Great to serve with veggies, pita bread, or rice crackers!




Grilled halloumi vegetable kebabs

Simply because spices and seasoning is a better way to bring out the flavor of summer produce than slathering it in animal fat.



Sriracha Tofu Kebabs

Tofu is great for making kebabs, because the tofu can be flavored easily and sriracha is such a strong, spicy taste that it’s perfect for giving tofu a new lease of life this summer. You could serve these up with a salad, or even a spicy rice dish.


Mock Meats:


Homemade Vegan Sausages

Gross and Basic: Hot Dogs. Try this vegan alternative. If the time and effort are holding you back, just form the mixture into patties and make burgers, rather than sausages. Same great taste, but burgers are easier (and faster) to form and to handle on the grill.



Black Bean Burgers

These black bean burgers have a complex, satisfying flavor and robustly meaty texture that even devout carnivores will love. Repeat after us: you don’t need meat to make an amazing burger. (If anyone is concerned you’re not getting enough protein, your burger is actually a healthier protein source.)



‘Bacon’-Wrapped Vegan Pigs in a Blanket

Vegan Pigs in a Blanket is a staple potluck recipe because it requires almost zero time to make and it’s always a huge hit with vegans and meat-eaters alike (especially considering all the gross things found in hot dogs!). Make this classic, invincible finger food even better—by adding vegan cheese and cruelty-free bacon!



Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower ‘Wings’

Looking for a healthier (and kinder) alternative to chicken wings? Try these juicy, tangy, and spicy buffalo cauliflower “wings”!




Stovetop Cherry Grunt

Don’t be fooled by the name! A cherry grunt is really a stovetop cobbler, made with juicy fruit and the moistest biscuit topping you’ll ever taste, all without ever having to fire up the oven. A grunt by any other name would taste as sweet.



Coconut Milk Fudgsicles

Because in the summer, some don’t like it hot, we included a cold dessert here, too. They may look like the classic ice-cream truck favorite, but these ones are 100% vegan friendly, using coconut milk as the base.


No BBQ is complete without refreshing drinks that double as palette changers. Here are some brilliantly boozy cocktails (and a list of their health benefits – you’re welcome!)


With that, we conclude our list of amazing recipes to help you host or contribute to a Vegan BBQ. DiMare Design wishes you a fun-for-all, cruelty-free holiday!

5 Cinco De Mayo DIY Party Ideas

Deborah Rosenberg

Are you ready to take your Cinco de Mayo fiesta to the next level? Look no further! We’ve gathered our top 5 DIY fiesta party decor ideas. All of these ideas are easy, quick and can be made using resources you have laying around your home. Read our the 5 Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas and let us know which are your favorites in the comments below!

Enhance the drinks you will be serving at your Cinco De Mayo party by making mini paper stirrers that you can add to each drink. These cute fans are quick to make out of small pieces of tissue paper that are folded and hole-punched to create a beautiful and festive design.

View the paper fan drink stirrers tutorial at Tell Love And Party.

Set the table for your Cinco De Mayo party by making mini pinatas that you can leave beside everyone’s dinner plate as a fun activity before the meal. These cute pinatas can be made with cardboard and tissue paper, and unlike traditional pinatas, the mini pinatas are easy to get the prizes inside out without making a mess as there is a bottom flap to open to pour out the prizes inside.

View the mini pinatas tutorial at Oh Happy Day.

Decorate for your fiesta by tying together several balloons and then attaching mini gold letter balloons to the balloons cluster string. Using the mini balloons you can spell out your custom fiesta message, over two clusters of balloons for the perfect backdrop behind your Cinco De Mayo food table.

View the fiesta balloons tutorial at Studio DIY.

Serve up corn nacho chip and some spicy salsa for your at home fiesta by making your own set of hand painted patterned bowl by painting terra cotta bowls or creme brûlée dishes with porcelain paint to create your cacti or geometric design. Once painted, make sure to bake the dishes and follow up with a food safe clear shellac prior to using the bowls to serve food.

View the fiesta snack bowls tutorial at Sugar And Cloth.

Go ahead and snuggle this cactus, it is super soft and the perfect fun accent that you can sew for your living room or next home fiesta. The cactus is made by sewing green fabric together following the simple pattern and then further enhanced with white yarn to form the cactus needles. The completed pillow will make a great addition to your fiesta decor, by adding it to an chair or your back yard patio but it can also be used year round to add some flair to your home decor.

View the cactus pillow tutorial at Everything Emily.


Source: The Spurce

STORYTIME: Why We Love Dogs

Deborah Rosenberg

A few months ago, I went shopping with a friend of mine. It was hot and muggy outside, a typical summer Miami heat wave. There was a lot of traffic that day and it took us longer than expected to arrive to the store. By the time we got there, we were hungry and cranky. It was a Saturday and we would have been much happier at the beach.

When we arrived to the store it was closed! There was a paper clock sign on the door with a note saying “be back in fifteen-minutes.” Are you kidding me? I didn’t even know those signs still existed in major cities like Miami. We waited outside in the heat and no one showed. After a while, we called the number on the note. A guy answered and impatiently said he would be there in 10 minutes. After what seemed an eternity, he shows up with definite “attitude.” It was clearly established by all that no one was in the best of moods.

We finally got into the store and Ricky, the sales guy and I, seemed to be in a battle as to which one of us was going to be more impatient with one another. At one point, I bluntly stated “Ricky, it seems you don’t appreciate us being here and I don’t appreciate it. We could have gone to any other store in town, and yet we are here…blah, blah, blah.” I was acting like a jerk and he as well, was not helping the situation.

After a few minutes, he looked at me and grumbled something about his dog. I stopped in my tracks and said “what about your dog?” He answered, “Do you mind if I go and get my dog. She’s in the car with the AC on, but it would be better for her if I could bring her to the back office. I had to step out to get her some food and thats why I was late.” It was if someone punched me in the stomach. All that angry, ridiculous energy simply left the room. I told him to feel free to bring the dog into the showroom, not to leave her alone in the back office. I began to tell him about my love of animals.

A minute later entered the most beautiful Pitbull-mix named Nala. Ricky proceeded to tell me how she was neglected by a neighbor. He rescued her and was madly in love with her. I spent the rest of my time on the showroom floor with Nala. She was as sweet as one could be and frankly, I didn’t give a darn about shopping. Nala and I were the best of girlfriends and we had a lot of cuddling to do. Nala had me at “woof woof.”

The beautiful ‘Nala’

After about an hour of discussing our mutual love for animals, Ricky and I apologized to on another for acting the way we did and gave one another a big hug.

Since then, a few months have passed and Ricky and I have become friends. He is a very special person and I have learned much about him. He is a honest, hardworking young man who cares for his mom and loves his dog.

Sadly, a few months ago Nala became very ill and had to be put down. Ricky and I spoke a lot during this time. He wanted her last days to be pain free and happy. He fed Nala her favorite meal before she was put down. It was, as anyone who has had to put a dog down, a sad and painful decision. Ricky was devastated over her loss.

Recently I called him to talk about a rescue brought in to a shelter that needs a loving owner like Ricky. It looks like he’s going to adopt her. He’s ready for another dog.

If it wasn’t for Nala, Ricky and I would never have become friends. Nala’s presence forced us to “pause” and push the “noise” aside. She gave us the opportunity to see that we not only had a lot in common – our love of animals, but that we found a new friend in one another.

My friend who I was shopping with, you ask? Yes, he placed a big order with Ricky. He said that watching the entire interaction from beginning to end between Ricky and I was one of the funniest things he’d ever witnessed. We went from wanting to strangle one another to hugging and exchanging phone numbers.

The moral of this story – Animals teach us to never judge a book by its cover. They bring us together and bring out the best in us. They remind us in their gentle, innocent way, to be kind to one another and most importantly, to love.

So, please, do all you can to help the voiceless creatures of this earth. Our world would not be the same without them. If you’d like to find out about saving animals, please visit

DiMare Diaries: Molly T of Fashion Veggie

Deborah Rosenberg

Meet Dallas-based Vegan Blogger and Stylist Molly T, of Fashion Veggie in this month’s DiMare Diaries. Get an inside look at her fabulous life and the things that make her tick.

Name: Molly

If I weren’t a vegan fashion blogger I would: own an animal sanctuary (anyone want to help me get started?!).

My favorite thing in my junk drawer is: V-Dog treats for my three dogs. I have them stashed everywhere!

My favorite space in my home is: my bathroom. It makes me feel tranquil and clean.

If I could have dinner with anyone in the world it would be: Stella McCartney and we would dine at: Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles.

My walls are decorated with: artwork from all over the place! It’s the main thing I seek to bring home with me when I visit a new city or country.

People would be surprised to know that: I have a fear of public speaking, even though I’m so outspoken and outgoing on social media and in real life. The struggle is real! I can’t even give a toast at a wedding.

My most significant memory from my childhood home is: refusing to take off my Barbie Roller Skates. Even back then, I was very stubborn, very sure of what I wanted to wear, and very much doing my own thing.

The most valuable piece of career advice I’ve ever received was to: dress for the job I wanted, not the job I had. It came from my mother, who is always right.

My favorite meal is: vegan grilled cheese because: it’s my comfort food and it doesnt hurt any animals 🙂

A perfect day for me is: wake up, dog park, vintage shopping for the home, get into comfy clothes and snuggle with my fiance and pups.

If I could be any piece of furniture or decorative item, anywhere, any place in this world or universe, now, past or future, I would would be: a chandelier! spreading light and adding beauty to even the most unlikely of spaces.

My all time favorite bonding time with my pet(s): Gia, Buster, and Banksie… all rescues and all full of personality… is: spent snuggling together in bed, and I’m not ashamed of it dammit!!


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DiMare Design x PETA Prime: Vegan Interior Design Tips That Save Animals’ Lives

Deborah Rosenberg

Have you ever taken a moment to look at a sheepskin rug? I mean, really look—closely enough to take in the creepiness?

As soon as you realize that animal skin was once … well, skin, you’ll never be able to scrub the idea from your brain.

The good news is that you can create gorgeous interiors without the suffering, and as more and more consumers seek animal-friendly options, they’re becoming easier and easier to find. Welcome to cruelty-free, vegan interior design.

Here are some simple ways to save animals by making a few modest changes to your decor with materials and furniture that don’t originate with a living being. Imagine the impact that we could have on animal welfare if chose to be cruelty-free the next time that we went shopping for home or office decor. Let’s examine a few specific cases:

1. Down

Humans have been using feathers in their homes since the days when homes were caves—but this is one design idea that should be relegated to the history books. It takes the routine torture of 12 geese or 30 ducks to fill just one standard-size pillow. Every six weeks, birds’ feathers are plucked out, sometimes leaving gaping wounds. Their torn skin is sewn up without anesthetics. Birds often die from the trauma of the experience alone.

Thank goodness that it’s 2016 and that modern science has given us synthetic fill fibers that are just as soft as real down, with the added bonus of being hypoallergenic. So the next time that you’re looking for comfy bedding, look for down alternatives. They’re awesome. They have the feel of real down, and if you have allergies, they’re a win-win choice.

2. Angora

Although there has been some controversy about whether angora rabbits originated in Turkey or France, there’s no doubt that these animals have been used to create bunny-soft yarn since the early 18th century.

On today’s farms, to make commercial angora, fur is torn from captive rabbits’ skin every three months while they scream in pain. Rabbits very rarely make noise, so you can’t or at least wouldn’t want to imagine the excruciating pain that these animals endure. After a few years of terrible suffering, those who haven’t died from shock are slaughtered. This is more needless torture, especially considering the fluffy and economical acrylic yarns on the market today. Many of the faux alternatives are very soft and not scratchy like real angora can sometimes be. They’re wonderful options.

3. Leather

Humans began using leather in prehistoric times to make tools and clothing in order to survive. Back then, there were no other suitable options, so we’ll give them a pass. But these days, with so many durable synthetic substitutes that look and feel like the real thing, there’s no reason to use leather at all—especially for luxury items such as designer furniture. Did you know that it takes five adult cow hides or eight baby cow hides to upholster a standard 80-inch, round-armedleather sofa? That’s an awful lot of death for a place to hang out and watch movies. Faux leathers not only save the lives of animals but also are durable and less expensive, in addition to not smelling like hide. Faux leathers are great for animal guardians and spaces with kids. How many times a day does your newborn spit up? Try cleaning that mess off a real leather sofa—but cleanup with vegan leather is fast and easy.

4. Pony Skin

Pony skin has been used since before recorded history, but most people who admire a pony-skin chair in a showroom think there’s no way it was made from actual ponies. They’re wrong. Not only were those real-life ponies born into the deplorable conditions of factory farms, they were also sent to slaughter while they were still only babies.

There are synthetic alternatives that mimic pony skin, but the look becomes a lot less appealing once you learn about the viciousness behind the real thing. Why design a space with furniture that looks like it came from a tortured being? In my opinion, that’s bringing a lot of negative energy into a space. I prefer designing spaces that have no relation to cruelty or death.

5. Wool

Early humans kept sheep for clothing, shelter, and food. But sadly, modern people never let go of that practice. Sheep shearers, who are paid by volume, not by the hour, are forced to rush their work at the animals’ expense. During shearing, sheep sustain torn skin and strips of their tails, ears, and teats are ripped off. I’ve seen hidden-camera footage exposing how workers viciously throw sheep on the ground, break their necks, and commit other hideous acts—all just for wool.

The ugly truth makes turning to cozy wool alternatives such as Tencel and bamboo silk a beautiful choice. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference in texture and look between wool and the animal-friendly options. Plus, cleaning up spills on a “wool” rug is much easier with a faux alternative.

Take a look at this famous sofa (hopefully faux) that shares the screen with the very sexy Austin Powers.

Compassionate Interior Design

The wonderful thing about becoming aware of animal exploitation in interior design is how easy it is to make a difference. By choosing the luxurious vegan options that are available everywhere these days, you can save animals without sacrificing style. I believe that luxury interiors should look good, feel good, and do good.

And when you go faux in your design, you can go to sleep at night and count sheep guilt-free.

Top 5 Places to Live in Miami for Nature & Design

Deborah Rosenberg

Being a vegan means a lot more than not eating meat. It is an ethical choice in all aspects of our life from the clothes we wear to the furniture in our homes. Everything we do must be informed by how it affects the world. In a previous blog we gave vegan design tips that prevent any animal skins being used in interior design but also showed how a vegan home can still be luxurious and stylish. Miami is a great city to be vegan as it is surrounded by nature and some of America’s most beautiful neighborhoods. While it is about making ethical choices, it is also about connecting with the environment around us. In this article we will look at the best neighborhoods in Miami to live and be connected with nature while also inspiring our creative side.

1. Design District – Is a stunning neighborhood where art is celebrated. The area is covered in beautiful graffiti and fits in with the artistic ethics of the vegan lifestyle and modern interior design. One example of this making the old new are the old warehouses that were reused and are now shops and galleries. USA today listed Design District in their top Miami neighborhoods due to the fact that a large number of creative people moving to the city migrate there. For interior designers there is no better inspiration than art, and the district features some of Miami’s best galleries and museums.

2. Coral Gables – This beautiful neighborhood is known for it’s banyan trees that line nearly every street. Sometimes it is the small things that help us connect with nature and walking down leafy streets can help us forget that we are in the center of a bustling city. The area is also known for its wide canals making it ideal for marine lovers as well as its beautiful historic architecture. A sure fire inspiration for interior designers.

3. Miami Lakes – Interspersed between small waterways Miami Lakes is a serene place to live. While Miami is famous for its beaches and oceans sometimes it is nice to enjoy the other water features of the city. With 23 lakes and many parks Miami Lakes is one of the city’s best green spaces. The area is also known for its postmodern architecture with some of city’s most dynamic buildings.

4. Palmetto Bay – For nature lovers Palmetto Bay is one of Miami’s best places to live. The city is
renowned for its green programs such as the LEED certified Coral Reef Park building and Village Hall. The area is also widely celebrated for its five village parks that have earned Palmetto Bay the nickname of ‘Village of Parks.’

5. Key Biscayne – Key Biscayne is well known for its natural beauty. Located between Crandon Park and Miami Dade Country Park in the north and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park in south, Key Biscayne is surrounded by nature. One of the best ways to see the island is on bike. The island also has an ancient fossil reef unique to the area and also features some of Miami’s most luxurious modern homes.
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Entertaining Business Radio Interview Deborah Rosenberg

DiMare Design founder Deborah Rosenberg interviewS with “Entertaining Business”

Deborah Rosenberg

Deborah Rosenberg of DiMare Design was interviewed on South Florida’s own “Entertaining Business” podcast.  Deborah spoke about her transition to cruelty free design.

In addition to radio, one of the most viable mediums to spread your message is through video. With that being said, DiMare Design is proud to introduce our YouTube channel!

We’ve just begun our efforts to provide informative, engaging and entertaining content to you through this channel, and are so excited to continue to bring you the elegance you expect from DiMare Design. We hope you’ll watch and subscribe to our upcoming videos.

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DiMare Diaries: Amy Zakarin of ZMPR

Deborah Rosenberg

Meet Miami’s Top PR Super Woman Amy Zakarin of ZMPR in this month’s DiMare Diaries. Find out what makes her tick.

1. Name: Amy

2. If I wasn’t a publicist I would be: a broadcast crime reporter for a show like Dateline or 48 Hours, or an animal advocate working for PETA or Humane Society.

3. My favorite thing in my junk drawer is: my nail file.

4. My favorite space in my home ismy bedroom. It makes me feel relaxed, grounded and thoughtful. I actually love working from my bed, even though most say to reserve your bed for sleeping and other things 😉 I often do my best thinking in bed, and even have a special “desk pillow” for my laptop.

5. If I could have dinner with anyone in the world it would be: Oprah. And we would dine: at her home in Montecito, CA.

6. My walls are decorated with: contemporary artwork that my husband and I selected together at Miami art fairs. I guess you could call us “emerging collectors.” It’s so much fun finding pieces together for our home. It’s truly changed our aesthetic.

7. People would be surprised to know that: I was born in Seattle, WA.

8. My most significant memory from my childhood home is: our heavily patterned, blue kitchen. It was considered gorgeous at the time, but now would be just awful! Looking back it was the robin’s egg blue that everyone now associates with Tiffany. We had family dinners almost every night and often played games at the table.

9. The most valuable piece of career advice I’ve ever received wasto lead by example, but also to never be silent. My dad is an incredible teacher to this day (even though retired), who loves to share his knowledge and lead others to success. Then, my mom has this strong sense of justice and likes things to be rightful.

10. My favorite meal is: dessert because I absolutely LOVE sweets.

11. A perfect day for me is: hanging with my husband, daughters and our 4 pets. My family is my everything. If my parents join us for lunch and I get to squeeze in some quiet reading time (in bed) with a great novel,then the day is beyond perfect!

12. If you could be any piece of furniture or decorative item for any space imaginable I would be: a gorgeous curvy chair made of steel. Strong, yet feminine.

DiMare Design – Luxury interiors that look good, feel good and do good.

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Bringing Baby Home to Your Other ‘Baby’

Deborah Rosenberg

There are endless parenting blogs and books chock-full of advice and tips on introducing a young child to a newborn sibling. But how about introducing the real baby—your dog—to a new infant?

When I was expecting my twins, I was in bed for most of my pregnancy because of intense nausea and vomiting. My dad (who, sadly, has since passed away) visited several times a day to feed me the few foods that I could handle. I cherish those memories with him. I also had the love and loyalty of our dog, Baci. He rarely ever left my side.


DiMare Diaries: Meet Acclaimed Director Mitch Boyer & the lovely Vivian

Deborah Rosenberg

Introducing Mitch Boyer…and one of his favorite ladies, his dog Vivian. Mitch is an acclaimed director, author, photographer and artist.  Vivian is a star in her own right. Mitch created an amazing photo series of himself and Vivian, with a twist. Vivian has now grown to giant proportions! Check out the photos here and get to know them below in this month’s “DiMare Diaries”.

1 2 3 8